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Historicon 2015 PEL is Up!

Oh my, dear Gnomies, when it rains it pours.  After slowly prepping some good, but filler, posts for the week of my vacation, I'm hit with a deluge of cool things to force me to double, or even triple post some days!  To top it all off, the Historicon PEL was released last week.   Although I'm not going to the convention, I've always reviewed the pdf file and picked out the "ViscountEric Approved" events, as well as a few that make me turn my head in confusion.

Historicon 2015 this year in July 16-19, 2015 in Fredericksburg, VA.  This year's theme is "End of Empires:   3000 BC to July 16, 2015."  (That does sound a bit ominous...)


T-303 Peter Drake and Mild Mannered Scientist
Pulp; 10 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Del Stover; Scale: 25mm; Rules:7TV / DWMG; No. of Players: 4.
The sun is setting on Belgian Empire and in 1964. Dr. Paul Hendrickof East Germany has defected, but to whom? The CIA wants him. So do the East Germans. And the secret criminal organization SMASH (Society of Murder, Arson, Spying, and Harm). But don’t worry. Peter Drake of his Majesty’s Secret Service is on the job. Atongue-in-cheek nod to the spy films of the 60s.

T-108 Battletech: Grinder 1
SciFi; 10 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Dave Yingling; Scale: 1/285; Rules: Total Warfare; Sponsor: Iron Wind Metals; No. of Players: 10.
The Grinder is a free for all Battletech Demo game where new (or returning) players will be taught using the Introductory Rules. Youstart out with a Light Mech and as you die, you advance up to the next weight class. The winner of this round will get a spot in the Grinder Championship Saturday evening. All materials, miniatures and dice will be provided. Beginner Friendly & Rules Taught.
Having played some Battletech after a decade and a half, I'd be interested to drop into one of the multiple events happening through the con.

T-373 VSF Racing in the Desert
Victorian Science Fiction; 10 AM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Jon Lundberg; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Pulp VSF Racing; Sponsor: Brigade and West Wind; No. of Players: 10.
Race weird and bizarre contraptions in among Egyptian Temples. Fight each other or the local - both human and inhuman. Kid Friendly - players should be at least 12 to play independently.

T-425 Teutonic Twilight
19th Century; 2 PM; Length: 6 hrs; Hosted by: Chris Carlson; Scale: 1/2400; Rules: Fear God & Dread Nought; No. of Players: 12.
1898 - Germany flexes its muscles in the Caribbean to force the Haitians to forgo assault conviction of Haitian son of German national. The French protest. Tensions between Germany and France escalate until finally both Empires send a squadron of warships to the Caribbean to settle the matter once and for all. Join the Admiralty Trilogy as Empires slug it out for prestige. Which empire will fall?

T-219 Gnome Wars: It’s too quiet at  Elmore’s Castle.....
Gnomes; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Steven Stanton; Scale: 28mm;Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: MBA; Prize: There will be swag!; No. of Players: 12.
There is a peculiar stillness around Elmore’s Castle of late, and the Gnome world is worried. The whispered rumors are that the land around the castle is in a state of rot and decay, accompanied with the stench of death. Patrols have been dispatched from the Gnomish homelands to see what is going on. Anyone bringing a painted unit of Gnomes from Brigade Games does not have to preregister. No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/child teams encouraged. Rules Taught.
The Gnomes start early and often this year... at the MBA castle.

T-217 Trench Wars: Spain 1937—A Spanish Civil War Game In Honor Of Pat Condray
Inter-War; 7 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Frank Luberti; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Trench Wars (modified); Sponsor: Miniature Building Authority; No. of Players: 6.
This game is in memory of Pat Condray, one of the founders of HMGS. Italians vs. International Brigades, but that is not what is important. Friends of Pat are welcome to stop by and share stories about the WKPP. Skirmish game using the Trench Wars rules modified for SCW. Novices, children with adults, rules lawyers and GMs looking for revenge welcome. Terrain by Miniature Building Authority. Parent/Child teams welcome

T-375 Empire of the Dead - Are you my Mummy?
Victorian Science Fiction; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Jon Lundberg;Scale: 25mm; Rules: Empire of the Dead; Sponsor: Brigade and West Wind; No. of Players: 6.
Rumours of a lost Pyramid and unspoiled treasures have lured groups to the desert. The dead do not give their secrets up easily though and natural and unnatural forces guard those treasures. Everyone has their own objectives - can you trust your neighbor?

F-430 Gnome Wars: Gnomistan Blues
World War I; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Erin Crouch; Scale: 30mm; Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: Brigade Games; Prize: Yes; No. of Players: 12.
The Glorious Gnoman Empire is in decline. Can you help fend the end off for a few centuries or will you help to speed it along. No need to pre-reg if you bring a 320 pt Unit from Brigade Games. Parent/Child teams encouraged.
Horror; 10 AM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Peter Panzeri; Scale: 28mm; Rules: WICKED WITCH RULES!; Sponsor: MBA; Prize: Prizes from Miniature Building Authority; No. of Players: 13.
Just when Dorothy & Toto thought it was safe to go back in the Castle. That whole “Wicked Witch & Flying Monkey thing” has gotta all come back up again... not to mention the Poppies & Winkie Guards! Can the Lion, Tin-Man, Scare-crow, Munchkins, Wizard all help? or is it REALLY always up to Dorothy? I do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks! I do! I do! I ~DO!

F-493 All Quiet on the Martian Front - “The Big Push”
Other; 10 AM; Length: 2.5 hrs; Hosted by: Ernest Baker; Scale: 18mm; Rules: Cog Wars; Sponsor: Alien Dungeon; Prize: Gift Certificates; No. of Players: 12.
Memphis, Tennessee has fallen to the Martians! Now they are breaking out, attacking through Tennessee and Mississippi. Can you stop them? As a Martian POD leader can you crush all human resistance? The future of the All Quiet on the Martian Front universe hangs in the balance in this multi-player multi-game Official Campaign. YOU will determine the path of the war! An Official Campaign Game Series. Tournament style campaign (12 players in 4 time slots). Play in one or up to all four. Results will be tracked on the big board map and by the end of the day Saturday we will all know if the Martians have been pushed back

F-376 Anzacs and Ottomans in the Palestine
World War I; 10 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Jon Lundberg; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Price of Glory; Sponsor: Brigade and West Wind; No. of Players: 7.
Ottoman and German Asian Korps troops hold a critical town with abundant water supplies. A clash of Empires ensues as Imperial troops from down under clash with their opponents from two other empires. The battle includes a true mix of eras, armored cars and cavalry provide mobility, while airplanes give overhead views to the commanders.

F-489 With Fierce Determination and Disregard of Danger
Other; 11 AM; Length: 5 hrs; Hosted by: Bob Giglio; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Soldier’s Companion (revised 2nd ed., unpublished); Sponsor: Architects of War & Old Glory; Prize: Gift Certificates; No. of Players: 6.
The Druze Revolt in Syria was the longest-lasting insurgency against colonial rule in the inter-war Middle East. French Foreign Legion forces defended the small town of Messifre against thousands of fanatical Druze under Sultan al-Atrash. Historically Le Legion held out (barely) in time to be relieved. Enjoyable colonial game with picturesque Architects of War buildings, terrain & other eye-candy! Age 17 and older. This is not TSATF!

F-261 The Great Safari Race
Conial; 12 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: David Timer; Scale: 25mm; Rules: House Rules (will be taught); Prize: Safari RaceMedal; No. of Players: 5.
Five Safaris of ardent explorers are racing into unknown parts of Africa in search of glory and riches beyond measure, not to mention winning the Safari Medal. Guided by hearsay, rumors, and third hand information each party will attempt to conquer the unyielding environment and plunge into the heart of darkest Africa. Safaris must deal with terrain, wildlife, natives, natural and other disasters. Recommended for players over 13.

F-306 Doctor Who and Really Big Bugs
SciFi; 3 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Del Stover; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Dr Who Miniatures Game; No. of Players: 4.
Amidst the horrors of World War I, no one pays any attention to the bright lights falling around a Belgian hamlet in No Man’s Land. But when both the Belgians and German routine patrols begin to disappear and they investigate. What they find is a curious blue police box and a madman who keeps warning them about some kind of bug infestation- as if that’s important in the midst of war.’
I liked the system at Cold Wars, but would like to see some special characters in action...

F-220 Gnome Wars:...and that statue looks dry.
Gnomes; 7 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: James Stanton; Scale: 28mm; Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: Miniature Building Authority; No. of Players: 10.
With no word back from the patrols sent to investigate the darkness enveloping Elmore’s Castle, troops from all Gnomish Homelands head to the sinister region. Along the way Private Lung emptied his canteen, and now needs to empty his bladder. Lung utters, I really have to pee! Anyone bringing a painted unit of Gnomes from Brigade Games does not have to preregister. No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/child teams encouraged.
Gaming with the Gnomies contributor Mike Lung is demoted to a Private?  Here's hoping that is actions in the battle will earn him the nickname "Iron Mike"
S-259 Germans at Manila Bay
19th Century; 9 AM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Dewitt; Scale: 1/3000; Rules: Age of Dreadnoughts - Spanish American War; No. of Players: 8.
Admiral Dewey had defeated the Spanish at Manila Bay but the Germans had sent a fleet and were ignoring the American blockade. Dewey informed the German Admiral in July “if Germany wants war, all right, we are ready”. Here the Germans decide not to back down.
With all the work I've cobbled together for the German-American War for Gnome Wars, this would be a game I'd love to jump in.
S-458 Schools out for Summer. Schools out for forever?
Modern; 10 AM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: James Reynolds; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Flashpoint; No. of Players: 8.
School is out, but the teachers are still packing up. When a fire breaks out, teachers are in danger. Come join the Fire Brigade and save the school. Kids game.

S-177 HAWKs Army Giveaway for Kids
American Civil War; 12 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Eric Schlegel; Scale: 40mm; Rules: GASLIGHT; No. of Players: 6.
In this fifth year of a multi-year outreach effort, the HAWKs are sponsoring a game to interest children in the hobby. Several gamers have donated figures to the project. All children who participate in this event will get two small, painted armies to take home. The club has been aided this year by the painting support of numerous gamers. Children UNDER 10 only please!
Can I officially say that the HAWKS have been doing this for years!  It's a heckuva undertaking and they should be applauded for it, when the rest of us aren't trying to keep the new blood flowing into the hobby as well.

S-451 The Age of Arthur: An Introduction to DBA
Ancients; 1 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Chris Brantley; Scale: 15mm; Rules: De Bellis Antiquitatus (DBA) 2.2+ Fast Play Ancients/Medieval Rules; Prize: DBA Army Raffle will be raffled to participants; No. of Players: 10.
It’s the Age of Arthur & the fate of Britain is in the balance! Be a British dux bellorum, a Saxon war chief or Pictish toisech. Walk-up game FOR WHICH YOU NEEDN’T BE REGISTERED intros players to DBA 2.2+. Games take under an hour so play one or play many! GMs on-hand to teach the game and answer questions. Experienced players welcome! Rally the Britons or lead Saxon and Pictish war bands!

S-165 Plastic Pirates Practice Pandemonium
Age of Piracy; 2 PM; Length: 2 hrs; Hosted by: Geoff Graff; Scale: Lego!; Rules: Plastic Pirates; No. of Players: 9.
Those Little Lego Looters are back again! This time it’s every pirate for him or her self, as they loot a port city and try to avoid the King’s soldiers (or other foes). This is one of several games for youngsters sponsored by the HAWKs. For this game we need readers, or adult help. The HAWKS will be hosting one table of shorter games for Kids all day Friday and Saturday. Come help us introduce your kid to the fun of miniature gaming!
S-221 Gnome Wars: Cresendo
Gnomes; 2 PM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: James Stanton; Scale: 28mm;Rules: Gnome Wars; Sponsor: Miniature Building Authority; Prize: There will be Swag; No. of Players: 8.
With the attack on Castle Elmore succeeding and the undead cast back from whence they came, the armies turn to look at each other.Is this going to be a time of celebration and the continuance of the hasty truce, or is it time to settle old scores? Anyone bringing a painted unit of Gnomes from Brigade Games does not have topreregister. No one under 14 without a playing adult with parent/ child teams encouraged.

S-533 Tank Battles For Wee Warriors
World War II; 2 PM; Length: 3 hrs; Hosted by: Brian Whitaker; Scale: 25mm; Rules: Home grown; No. of Players: 12.
Command your tank in the battle for the field. Simple rules designed for 4 to 8-year-olds. Assistant tank commanders (guardian/parent)appreciated. Several rounds will be fought during the 3 hour period, each being a separate game so arrive early or late, it is no problem.

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