Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy National Barbeque Week/Month

Some fun ViscountEric facts:

#1 For four years of high school, I was the only person in class that would recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  I was also the goody-goody who took the homeroom, attendance to the office, but at least there I knew I'd get to wander about for five or ten minutes before first period.

#2 I served in the military 1991-1999.  It was peacetime and my MOS (74D) ensured that I wouldn't be the first person landing on the beach or jumping out of an airplane (Although I would have rocked Airborne School, computer dudes are in the 'no way in Hell' part of the training budget.)

#3 The combination of political entrenchment, the twenty-four hour news cycle, and the hivemind of each that has developed thanks to the internet will ruin this country faster than any terrorist threat or invasion of illegal aliens, or people marrying chipmunks. 

With Memorial Day Weekend in the books, I can officially declare my preference for violence to those who have spent the last month posting internet memes declaring "Memorial Day... in case you thought it was National Barbecue Day."  

I believe I got the point they were trying to make by the third one I saw.  The other 7,319 were a bit of overkill.   

The fact of the matter is, the majority of these people share the post and they do nothing else in regards to the holiday, except maybe mention Uncle Larry in a story at the barbecue they're attending that day. 

There are plenty of public memorial services and parades to attend, if you wish.  That's your right to go to them or stay home, if that's your wish.  There are far too many people who are forced to suffer a bit more heartache from their friends and loved ones than usual on this day with all the added attention.  I surely wish we made better decisions as a country to keep this fraternity to fewer new souls each year.   But if you wish to spend the holiday opening your pool, travelling to the shore, or, God forbid, trying out new recipes on your grill, you should not be vilified.

Fun facts #4: Before Memorial Day was codified into the three day weekend that is the unofficial start of summer, various communities would have their own Decoration Day, laying wreaths and flowers on the graves of the Civil War soldiers for an hour or so.  A local dignitary would say a few words, perhaps some military drill and ceremony appropriate for such an occasion, and "poof" everyone would have a picnic.

#5:  National BBQ Day is actually July 4th.

#6:  National BBQ Week is THIS WEEK.  National Barbecue Month is MAY.

With all these facts, let's conclude my rant:  From an early age I have loved this country, I have served this country, and I would like to think that I'm aware of the traditions of this country more than some portion of the population. I have had the great fortune of NOT having a family member die while serving their country.   I can not imagine the loss that some people feel, and I do appreciate the sacrifices our men and women have made in defense of our great nation.

But if you want to go outside grill some meat over a flame, go right ahead and ignore those that complain.  The American Secular Patriotism has just as many hypocrites as any organized sect.

/rant off/

For the ViscountEric family, the weekend was a collection of errands, garage cleaning, and a nice dinner out on the deck on Monday of hot dogs and sausage on the grill.
Even Pippen wanted in on the action.
My wife worked on Sunday, and I was given the task of playing chauffeur for the girls to a birthday party at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  The last time I was there, it was still under it's original name (Trexler Game Preserve). 

It was a nice time, with pizza, cake, a guided tour, and an episode of turtle painting (the turtle makes the painting). Plus, the goodie bags had free kids tickets in them, so I guess we're coming back this summer.

The girls?  They just wanted to see penguins.

Even the strange looking ones.

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