Friday, May 29, 2015

The Marvelous Land of Oz in 25mm

Every time my family goes on a cruise, we peruse the daily activity sheet and notice a meeting or three for the "Friends of Dorothy" which is older slang used to represent the GLBT community.  Although I get the whole Judy Garland/"Not in Kansas anymore" line, a more proper Oz connection would be be the Friends of Tip or Ozma.  Even my daughter took a step back when the twist in Marvellous Land of Oz is revealed.

That being said, Marvellous is a fine book with very few repeating characters, and a more worldly feel for Oz than Wonderful Wizard of Oz. 

Two words:  Girl Armies

Lets start off with our protagonist:


Possibly Tip, Billina, and Button Bright from the later books?
Reaper Village Children set covers a LOT of younger characters (and chickens)

With limited drawings in the book, I picture her as the transformed Wicked Queen in Snow White, an old hag.  There's not much of a market for that, so I recommend the witch from RAFM's Hansel and Gretal set ($6.99)

The Sawhorse:  Seriously, find some thin sticks and whittle to your hearts content.  Or perhaps you've always wanted to sculpt?  Here's your first chance...
Jack Pumpkinhead:   
RAFM $5.95
Although Jack's a pleasant simpleton, you never know when an axe would be handy. 

The Army of Revolt
My biggest worry was General Jinjur and the Army of Revolt, as well as Glinda the Good's Army of the South Country.   Who makes a wide variety of female soldiers in dresses?

Hinterland does.

Their Female Hussar line seems to vary in quality from sculpt to sculpt, but these figures look great, even if the knitting needles and mother-of-pearl spearheads need to be put away. 

For General Jinjur, I suggest using Princess Cecilie, perhaps its just the paint job that won me over, since it's nowhere accurate to the story.   
I'll need to dedicate a full post to Hinterland.  Their Female Hussars, Sailors, and Trench Raiders are all top notch!  (Edit: I already have posted about them here. )

HM. Wogglebug TE.   - If you can find a Highly Magnified, Thoroughly Educated Insect in 25mm, godspeed.  For now, I would use an over sized half circle stand-up for this peculiar gent.

The Gump -  Half-Cicle Stand-up, no questions asked.  Perhaps you want the Gump a 3-D stand-up for the sake of fitting the figures inside of it.

Field Mice   - The mice warriors from Eureka are a little big, but my obvious choice here, although you may want to file down weapons and such. 

I had pictured far more violent birds than the small cousin of the crow I found when I started doing my research.  Since even regular crows in 25mm are not often available in bulk, I would recommend printing out a picture of a flock, mounting it on a cardboard half-circle and using it as a stand-up prop.  

Griffin (Mombi)  
Reaper Bones #77157   $7.99

Jellia Jamb (Young Chambermaid) - Internet searches netted me French Maids and Servants of Set, and I'm thinking poor Jellia isn't even between those two. 

Ozma  -   It's hard to find a princess figure that fits the future ruler of Oz.  Either there's too much magic or too much sex appeal.   Princess Elena from Reaper (02029) will have to make due.
Since she is a fairy child, using a young looking elven queen might not be out of the question either.
Interestingly enough, Elena was my first choice for the movie version of the next character... 
Glinda  -   I'm sticking with my choice from Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Reaper 2793
Army of the South Country - Glinda rules from her ruby palace, protected by female guards.   Feel free to use more of the hinterland figures, with different paint schemes.
The arrest of General Jinjur by the Army of the South Country

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