Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gnomish Space Marines Development Notes #3

Still powering through dozens of emails and more than a dozen voice recordings I've made over the last three months, a very personable podcast I call "Deep Gaming Thoughts with Eric on the Drive Home from Work."  Outside of some questionable terminology given to other drivers, I usually just try to verbally arrange my gaming thoughts.  The Gnomish Space Marine RPG was one of my more prevalent topics, and these recordings were why I got so much done with it before I needed to cancel the first public playtest.  So, going back to the development notes:

Day 7
To quote someone I don't want to quote, part of GSM is about being awesome.  No scratch that, it's the potential of awesomeness.  A brand new GSM should be able to hold his own against a "normal" civilian, or group of civilians, but it takes experience (and a suit of power armor) to be aweseome.

Weapons fire should be BASE + Cover Modifier + Range Modifier + ONE Situational modifier.   Equipment modifiers for the weapon would be calculated into the base on the character sheet, even for different firing selections (long range scope,automatic fire, etc).  Should be plenty of space for the status of each firing option on the character sheet.  Easier than looking it up.

Melee:  Needs to recreate bar brawls and ritual combat.

Gnomish Space Marine:  +2 Strength, -2 Agility +1 Man Dex (Tinkerers and Weaponsmiths)
Aggression as secondary stat, like Terrestial Knowledge or the inverse of Wil (Wil of 6 is Aggression of 4?)

Skill/Ability/Weapon/Melee Checks should all fit on a single page quick reference sheet.   By the fifth turn of a combat session, I want a new player to be able to operate in a combat round without any hand holding .

Survival rolls
Encumbrance?   Something is needed more than hand waving.

I want to be able to put this on Google Docs, allow access to it and be accused of stealing from nine different game systems.

No telepathy/psionics rules.  Start with a fully decked out combat squad.

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