Friday, May 22, 2015

Hackmaster GM Screen

Trying to clean up another library disaster last night, and I pulled out my 4th Edition Hackmaster GameMaster's Shield

It's seen plenty of wear and tear over the years and is still in great shape. 

There may be GM Screens that are actually hard plastic castles, but this is the ultimate screen for useful information.  Come on, it's not just three panels, rather multiple panels that fold out and two panels that flip up to house the d10,000 critical hit charts.   I did put velcro on mine to keep everything neat and organized.
Fun facts about the stickers:  All of them were given to me by my player Kelley, who played Gwendolyn the Druid.  The "Warning: Protected by the Master" sticker showed up while we were in the middle of X4/X5 (The Desert Nomad modules) and the screen became far more ominous from that point on.   I've always assumed it was a legitimate electrical warning sticker (Protected by a Master switch/fuse/etc), but I've never found it anywhere else.  I got this more than a decade ago, and it looks far more professional than any "custom" stickers available today.  Suggestions and hints would be appreciated.

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