Saturday, May 23, 2015

(Kickstarter) Replacement Card Game Boxes and Storage Units

I'll admit that I am horrible with my card games.  My set of Mag-Blast, circa 1999, suffered a long, slow death in my car over the last few years.  Some editions of Fluxx just did not make it through the move to the new house (some of that was initiated by small children, but still...)

I'm surprised the idea of Replacement Card Game Boxes and Storage Units hasn't been addressed so well up until this point.

While they're not cheap, this is a nice capital outlay for your games collection.  If you collected multiple editions of games like Fluxx, a few of them are bound to be disintegrating, and this is a great way to protect them AND store them in way that's better than the stack o' games on the shelf or in the corner. 

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