Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rest of the Year Planning.. and BEYOND!

After my Viscount Eric Day of Gaming 2 was a resounding success (to me), I began wondering just what I should try and accomplish until my personal gaming year ends in September.  After discovering that the next Mepacon will have a Star Wars theme, I'm wondering what I can do in the kid track.

Let's recap my gaming missions from last October:
  1. Car Wars:  Came soooo close to playing on the game day.  Food trucks still on my mind.  Would have to make a game day with a singular purpose.
  2. Gnome Wars:  This has been a bloody disaster.  Between the real lives of the gnomies messing up the HMGS cons, and the girls liking skirmish or even D&D style than moving mountains of lead, we haven't progressed at all with any of the campaigns, and I haven't begun touching up the figs.
  3. Cthulhu:  After some winter hibernation we've made some headway.  Four updates to the campaign log is huge compared to our normal progress.
  4. Samoa:  Dead in the water.  
  5. Home:  Ditto
  6. My Girls:  Zombie Dice, Uno, a Frozen version of Candyland, plus anything else Daddy brings out, they've been game.  Painting has been great as well.
  7. Magic: Played a few games, jumped into a pre-release. Bought some old cards cheaply.  Outside of better organization, I'm good with that for now.
  8. Gnomish Space Marines:  Still working on it.  No ETA for playtests, 
About par for the course, so with only a few months left, let's reassign the priorities.
  1. Car Wars:  I pledged for the Kickstarter, we need to have a Car Wars game, or two, or three in an air conditioned space.  Time to have Steve host a day!
  2. Gnome Wars:  Touch up the current minis and continue writing my gnomish history for the blog.  People seem to like it!
  3. Call of Cthulhu:  Continue advancing with Masks.  Barring an expeditious retreat from Egypt next session, enough sessions to get to Kenya.   
  4. Gnomish Space Marines:  Continue writing.
  5. Battletech:  I jumped back with both feet, let's enjoy the swim.
  6. My Girls:  More painting, and I think I found a skirmish campaign to start up after vacation, although the Father's Day game is always Daddy's choice.
  7. Mepacon Fall:  Yes, it's past my September deadline, but if I'm to fully participate in the Kids Track, it's perfect time to figure out (a) what to run, if it fits the Star Wars theme, and assemble it, if need be and (b) see if we can do a "how to painting session with some donated figures (Brigade perhaps. Gnomes are perfect size for kids painting.

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