Monday, October 26, 2015

Wargaming Miscellany: I Have Been to Fortress Louisbourg

In the distant days of studying history in the scenic Poconos, my friend Hoyce perseverated over the impenetrable fortress at Louisbourg.  He went so far as to make it the subject of his Master's thesis, tenatively titling it "The Titantic of Forts."

Between then and now we had a few pie-in-the-sky attempts to make a pilgrimage to Canada to visit it, and perhaps do some more research, but the time and finances never matched up.

Apparently, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia is a stop of British cruises of Canada and America and Bob Cordery of Wargaming Miscellany recently took a tour.

From Wargaming Miscellany
Now when I hit my millions, I need to plan a gaming-focuses North Atlantic cruise, just to have a mandatory tour of Louisbourg? 

Sounds good to me!

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