Thursday, October 22, 2015

Same Old Song and Dance

It's time for the bi-weekly "Oh woe is ViscountEric" post.  No real gaming, save a quick game of Zombie Dice with the girls, but let me commence the tale.

As I previously mentioned, it was my 9th wedding anniversary earlier this month.   My wife proceeded to get me another Spicy Shelf for use as a second paint rack.  Life was going to be good, as we had a day-trip up to Wellsboro planned without the kiddos. 

Then my mother-in-law (aka the babysitter) went to the hospital a week ago with a litany of heart and diabetes related issues.  Good news:  I'm picking up her up at the hospital in about a half an hour.  Bad news:  It's been a crazy October. 

Add in that I have succumb to the dread of toddlers everywhere.. an ear infection, that's driving me dizzy (I'm literally dizzy at times), and the fact that the furnace went out over the past chilly weekend, life for me has been juuuuuussst Peachy!

So, the short-short version of what gaming-wise has been going on.

Cthulhu:  Next game is still on for November 1st.  Investigators are ready.  I just need to type up a "what we learned in Egypt" cheat sheet to help speed up play.

Hackmaster:  The old Burning Trogs entries are entering a golden time, if you like to see the Trogs beaten and humiliated.  It is helping me tweak the "11 Years Later" storyline and a few copies at work and I'm recreating the map of Marakeikos in the year 1145-ish.

Yep, I went there.  I need to fill in the smaller towns and villages in the south (look at the key), detail the new territory Marakeikos annexed from Vlachia in 1136-ish, and remove all the annoying Google Map details. 
Minis:  With the furnace guy in to simply get a paycheck and tell me it would be easier and cheaper to do it myself, I did start base coating my jungle of palm trees that are the next project.    Of course $200+ for parts later and a reciprocating saw in a way too narrow area, I have a working furnace and a few extra parts, I'd like to convert into Industrial/Necromunda terrain.    Plastic spiders may be a weekend project (again) with the girls, but I need to gravitate from HVAC to general plumbing to pick up a few parts for the handyman to rip out a wall.
Fall-In!  Still a go, despite, the added expenses.  Games are still on, just trying to hammer out a budget with a little bit of wiggle room. 
FLGS:  I did drop off my list with Joe to give them another chance with the new storefront.  Compared to the kid who tried to force him to look at a list on his smart phone for his 100 Highlander (only of each card) deck, my double spaced typed list with stock numbers was manna from heaven. 

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