Wednesday, October 7, 2015

(TWERPS) Rescuing a Friendly Kangaroo

It's a sign of a good weekend in my house when (a) I don't wish to smother the kids with a pillow for three seconds of quiet (b) the house only looks like a gale force wind blew threw it, rather than a category 5 twister and (c) I get some form of gaming in on both days.

After learning Kings of War on Saturday, I broke out the checkerboard, and the kids tried a heroic rescue of a friendly kangaroo using TWERPS.

Despite Millie's ability to stay focused improving (she is 4 you know), I figures the hex-based movement would allow her the boardgame feel she likes, and the opposed rolls for attacks and defense meant she'd be rolling a lot of dice.

I was happy that Maja just focused on rescuing the Kangaroo.

Backstory:  The Gnome King has begun kidnapping creatures from across the land and making them his prisoners.   There has been no explanation for this, and some of the most prominent figures of the realm are trying to do something about it.

Our Heroes:
Izzy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)  Strength:  6    Special Ability:  May fly up to five spaces instead of her normal move, once per battle, if not already engaged in combat.  May fly over opposing figures

Snow White (from Snow White, duh!)   Strength 5.  Special Ability:  Friends with Animals +2 (the standard TWERPS +1 just didn't seem enough).

As the duo poured into the checkered floor dungeon, Izzy immediately flew over the gnome guards to get to the kangaroo, leaving Snow White in a lurch.  Unfortunately for the pirate, she wasn't the friendliest of animals, and once she freed it, it wanted to scamper away.  In fact, it kicked Izzy, knocking her to the ground.

"Let me just fly over the gnomes and rescue them, Snow White.  
Lucky for Snow White, she seemed impervious to there attacks,  in fact two gave up in disgust and tried to detain Izzy and corral the Kangaroo.  The kangaroo eluded its gnome, but the other managed to jump on Izzy and pummel her before he narrowly fought him off.  

Snow White toyed with her gnome, before finally knocking it out with an amazing karate kick.  Then she barely reached the kangaroo before it escaped on its own, calming it down, and allowing everyone a chance to leave together.
Run to freedom, Kangaroo!
I've had a few requests over the years for some role-playing with the Gnome Wars figures.  I figured a good start was trying out TWERPS again with the girls, and it was a blast.  Not only did they both stay engaged, the dice mechanic for combat (Strength + d10 + modifiers for attack and opposing defense) allowed for a lot of basic arithmetic, perfect for a First Grader.

Perhaps more princess, or ponies, or combat-ready Shopkins can participate next time.  If the FLGS gets in battle mats again, I guess I'm investing in hex one.   It's been awhile (since I owned one and since the FLGS had a decent stock of them).

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