Thursday, October 29, 2015

Talislanta The Savage Lands in 2016!

In a very pleasant surprise for me,  Nocturnal Media has announced Talislanta The Savage Lands (TSL) is scheduled for Kickstarter and eventual release for 2016.

Unlike all the other numerous editions of the rules, TSL will be set just a few years after The Great Disaster, a cataclysmic event only vaguely referred to in the older books.

From Nocturnal Media's press release.
In this post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, the great civilization of the Archaens is no more. The last kingdoms have fallen, and the sorcerer-kings have fled or been killed by their own creations. With them went all knowledge of spell-casting, leaving only primitive rituals and superstitions. In this milieu, Talislanta is truly a savage and dangerous land, ruled by wild tribes and beast-folk consumed by the constant struggle to survive.


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