Friday, October 16, 2015

I Love My Wife

This week my wife and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.   Real life and the kids' schedules have forced us to scratch any plans beyond a traditional quarterly "date night" this weekend, so we exchanged a few minor gifts and ate an awesome dinner of chicken, hot sauce and diced potatoes in a casserole dish covered with a layer of cheese and a layer of bacon.

While my wife got a little teak duck with some sentimental value, I got... another Spicy Shelf.

Is my wife great or what?

With a few minutes this evening, I assembled my second shelf, then realized I could expand my first for even more room!

The end result is way more than satisfactory...

The second shelf replaces a flipped over storage box that will now be designated for the girls' painting supplies, as well as extra bottles of Poodleskirt and Bubblegum Pink I currently have off to the left of the table.

In front of the shelves are the next projects in the queue:  two different types of Pegasus palm trees and a few cheap plastic spiders from Michaels, for the girls to paint, but leave a few so their old man can test a Martian spider paint scheme I'd like to use for not only the Savage Showdown game with them, but perhaps field some goblin spider-riders and other figs for another Kings of War game with Nichols.

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