Sunday, October 11, 2015

(Gnome Profile) The Red Count

After days upon nights upon days of barely getting down the painting bench (or getting distracted by binge watching Flash, damn that's good), the first figure for my 2016 painting season is done.  

I present the most terrifying gnome of the Thirty Beers Wars, Richard "Richie" Louis, The Red Count

His only weaknesses are wooden stakes to the heart and my line work.
Vampire legends are part of every gnome village, and probably have been since before recorded history.  

Despite a strong French king, a consortium of nobles had final say on most French policies.  The Red Count, known for his Cardinal-red capes, affinity for long afternoon naps, and unusually long life span, ruled them with an iron fist.  A shrewd diplomat and businessman, he wisely switched sides in the midst of the Thirty Beers War when he saw the strength of the other old powers wane.  

Despite him relinquishing his title to his illegitimate, idiot son and disappearing entirely from French court, rumors of his appearance surface every year during All Hallow's Eve, and at times when the French nation needs the leadership of someone who's out for blood.

What does he want with Zeke the Mouse, Maja Millie, and Rosalie of the Rosary...

Or is Rosalie a double agent?
To recreate the Red Count, Use the regular Vampire sheet, with these changes:

  • If the Red Count attempts to feed, he succeeds on a 1-4 on d6.
  • No wolves/wolf form, however he will field two additional mummies.
  • If all officers and NCOs are removed from a unit, they do not rout if the Red Count is within TWO feet of the unit and is in gnome form.  He "counts" as a leader and provides a +2 bonuses to morale checks for other units with leaders.   He can inspire most men, but death is a far more pleasant alternative than failing the Red Count.

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