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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #13: Sundered Faith

15th of Hexdec,  1133  Sewers of Mirros, Capital of Marakeikos

Upon the return of Zorin, Tobias, and Cecelia, the Trogs took a job with the city administrators.

While the trio had been gone, a peculiar earthquake hit the capital, opening up a huge fissure in one of the neighborhoods.  Less than a day later, undead began pouring out of the of the fissure, as well as attacking city workers in the sewers. For 500 gold, they needed to stop the attacks. 

Entering through the sewers, they immediately found a ghoul eating a corpse.  While there weren't  many many undead in the sewers, once they discovered access to the older sewers and pre-Marakeikan catacombs, the  ghouls poured out to meet them. After one one pretty harrowing skirmish, there was a loud crack noise and the entire party slid down into a natural cavern and with an underground lake.

Between the fall and the cold water, Cecelia's armor gave her trouble and she couldn't surface.  It took the help of Tobias and Gwen to rescue her.

They pulled themselves up to the dark shore of the lake, only to be attacked by a giant snake!  Rushing with light spells and torches, they spotted a cave on the far side of the shore and ran to it for some hopeful sense of safety.

Once they had a chance to explore, they found a cavern the led into carved passageways. 

Zorin Redrock:  After being stuck in the dungeon for a while we finally forced our way into a door. Downa hallway we found a room with a weird symbol and glowing short sword on it.  Also more ghouls....  Tobias went for the sword and was nearly overwhelmed, but the others dispatched them. and moved on.  The next door we came to had gore, bones, and three more ghouls.  This time Tobias actually fought....

Even the most mundane of the undead they encountered seemed to grow stronger in power the further they ventured into this place.  Turning undead failed everytime, magical healing was negligible at best, and all magical lighting refused to work. 

It took days to navigate the dungeon.  The undead seemed to simply respawn in equal numbers that had been there the day before. 

With food and light sources dwindling, Tobias found a way back up into the ancient catacombs.  Once the Trogs made it out, their powers quickly regained full strength... and they promptly sealed the crack in the rock leading back down.  Another day or so in the sewers (and a few trips up top for drinks and much needed baths) and the undead threat was considered solved, and the Trogs took their money.  The real cause of the undead invasion was never discovered....

This module was Sundered Faith, an AEG mini-module produced in the early days of d20/3E.  For $2.49, it offered a lot of value, and tons of frustrations to the group.  It might be a bit ret-conning, but there was an odd sword in one of the chambers, and in our next installment is the first mention in the journal of Zorin Redrock's famed sword Fromm Tyre #479.  I'm going to say that this is the place where Zorin found it.  It also helped that Tobias acted like an ass and Zorin immediately laid claim onto it once Tobias was rescued. 

Stats for Fromm Tyre (called From Tyre in it's Hackjournal entry)
Fromm Tyre #479 (Short Sword +4 of Gnomish Battle Sense)
(spd -6, #att 5/2, dam 1d6+13/1d6+14/1d8+14  using Zorin's stats at 7th Level)
+4/+4. If used by gnomekind, grants +15% to Military Battle Sense, Military Leadership, Leadership Maintain Self Discipline, and Recruit Army

Next #14: Freakin' Cloudland Castle.  

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