Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Afternoon... Armchair General

Another weekend, another weekend without gaming.   Although we did get in some non-gaming recreational painting, it looks as if the the biggest project will be the downstairs.   Paint samples are already scattered throughout the rooms.  Prayers are greatly accepted.

Between children's illnesses and house cleaning, I've had a good chance of going through the backlog of TV on the DVR and Netflix, here goes.

Fear the Walking Dead: Exactly what I expected.  I'll be happy to watch it next February.  To those who expected something different, just take a gander back to Katrina to see a botched response both civilian and military.

Walking Dead:  First episode of the season in and the world is back to a world of undead crap.  Without spoiling things, Jennifer Love Hewitt wept a little last night.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D:  Solving the the interplanetary adventures of Simmons in two episodes was a little disappointing, but Fitz is a wild card bad ass now.  I may be the only person on the face of the Earth who liked the superhero procedural format of the first season, but I hope it returns with everyone hunting down Inhumans, for good or for evil.

Gotham: Still too ridiculously violent for an 8pm show, but I broke down and watched the season finale from last year, and I still go, eh....    In fact the only reason I even went back to watching any of it was finding out that Alfred is Jon Pertwee's (a la The Third Doctor's) son.

Flash:  This is a lesson on why you shouldn't judge a show by the craptastic other shows on the network.   Being gravely disappointed in Arrow, I never gave Flash a shot and I now regret it.  A late-night binge of the the few episodes won me over.  From casting to special effects to cheesey comic book lines, everything fits a science fiction heavy modern day super hero series. 

The best part is the violence isn't over the top like Gotham, so I let the little ones watch it on Sunday afternoon.  Tom Cavanaugh barely gets through his mysterious last scene of the first episode, and Maja blurts out the entire storyline for the first season.  Not bad for six years old.  #proudgeekdad.

Other things of interests.
The Kickstarter for Tales of the Carribean by Golden Goblin Press  easily cruised into harbor with over $36,000.  Eleven stretch goals were hit, including the Office of Naval Intelligence campaign that really interested me. 

Chaosium has announced the pdf release of S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horror.  Originally one of the stretch goals for the 7th Edition Kickstarter, it's getting rave reviews just as a digital copy, so a hardcopy version might need to go on my shelf, once that's available.


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