Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Free RPG Day 2017!


  1. I wasn't super excited about any of the RPG offereings this year. I ended up picking up a miniature!? The kids picked up RPG things - the Timewatch/13th Age adventure (involving owlbears, I think...?) and the Runequest Quickstart.

    What did you pick up?

    1. I too picked up the Runequest, and my eldest snagged the DCC QuickStart.

      While I have a whole rant set up, my FLGS finally participated this year, coordinating with the local game cafe. No promotion, no sales, no increased RPG inventory. And to make matters worse, the game cafe decided Friday afternoon to close up shop and go to a sco-fi/anime con out of state for the weekend.

    2. Weird...

      Free Comic Book Day has become such a HUGE thing - at least at my local comic chops - I mean the comic store are PACKED. While there definitely is a lot of free comics going out the doors - there's usually a long line-up at the till and it's one of their best days all year. Free RPG day doesn't seem to have become as big of a thing - at least not here - and it doesn't sound like it is where you're at either...? It's too bad - it's a really neat idea!

      My FLGS has participated in it every year. They usually do a store-wide 20% off sale on FRPGD - but didn't this year. But I think that was more to do with the release of 40K 8th Edition - didn't want to go giving all that brand new stuff - which was just flying out of there - at 20% off. I guess they could have said RPGs only - but that could lead to annoying conversations over what exactly IS an RPG...