Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Recap

Another mid-June weekend done, another Father's Day complete. However this year was different than every year since the birth of my eldest daughter.  For once, my wife did not work the weekend of Father's Day.  God help us.

My weekend started with a trip to Michael's Friday night.   I received a gift card for my birthday and figured after two months it was time to restock on paints and brushes and whatever else I could find. Unfortunately,  the store I went to was in the middle of a mass re-organization.  There were no half decent paint brushes, much less the ones are usually use.  The paints were wiped out and the best I could do was restock a couple of colors, a new minis case, some discount craft stuff for the kids and some more scrapbooking paper for a few more poor man's  shadowboxes

Saturday started with the problems at the garage with the inspection of my wife's van.  No way I was wiping out more than my entire budget for The Weekend in Lancaster to take care of the car repair which according to the rest of the world should cost me $150 and hopefully that part shows up Tuesday and we can get that fixed for a pleasant drive down there.

Saturday afternoon I grabbed  Maja to run a few errands and we ended up at Evolution Games for Free RPG Day.   Despite knowing what selections were available and coming in about two hours after the store opens I wasn't too impressed with the offerings this year compared to others.  However, I did manage to grab a copy of the Runequest Quickstart and with very little nudge convinced Maja to pick up the DCC Quickstart rules and adventure.  I'm quite impressed by Goodman Games' effort. They released a very solid, usable product which could be used as is, and I personally have grown to love the concept of zero level characters going out en masse.  In fact, I hate to say this, but I may retool my "Home" campaign idea to use Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Unfortunately for my FLGS, they didn't really run any promotions other than announcing that we would run different games throughout the day.  It appeared that there was no additional product purchased for sale, and no sales or promotions of the meager existing stock.  Maja and myself were forced to be happy with the free offerings, some Heroclix.  (Gamorra and Wonder Woman make the girls happy), and two stuffed animals out of the skill crane on one shot.

The best game in wise that we could get together on Saturday was just a quick game of Uno and then Dad got everybody together to watch Doctor Strange on Netflix.

With a late night for the girls, I was able to get up and run over to the store and pick up all the necessary staples that we need for Father's Day. So, as Mom ran a few errands, we broke out a nice tablecloth and the good China and had ourselves the annual tea party of grape juice, Tastycakes, and barbeque potato chips.  It's not wild and crazy, but it's what we've always done, and quite frankly,  if we can do some version  of that over the next 20 years during Father's Day I'm going to remain the happy father that I am.
I didn't get any painting done with the girls nor did we break out any of the smaller games but we focused on an afternoon and Season 3 of The Flash.

After my wife's classic Father's Day dinner of chicken, potatoes, cheese, and bacon smothered in hot sauce and baked in the oven for ridiculous long period of time, we did manage to run episode ten  of the Savage Worlds/Showdown Lost World campaign. So we SW aside for one game and ran Valley of the Ape (available on Wargame Vault).  It's a fun, simple system and it's a perfect excuse to use Beanie Babies as raging killer apes. The write-up of the game should appear later this week.

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