Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Want to Do WHAT Over Summer Vacation?

I'd say that blogging is a part-time job, but that would require me to better proofread my work (and the whole making money thing too).

I'm still stuck in that awesomely overwhelming death spiral where there are too many cool ideas I want to steal from other people's games, but real life is crushing my time and finances to get them done.

Things are in the same dreadful holding pattern as the last time I complained about my First World blogging problems.   Too many games I want to play, too many figures I want to paint, and the pile of new stuff coming to my house isn't here yet, so I sit here and ponder everything with the long-term planning of a housefly.

Still with my weird October to September schedule, I'm now in the last month of my third quarter (for the last two months I thought I was starting the last quarter today.  Good thing I didn't become an accountant.)

Behind the scenes, I constantly look at my pre-scheduled blog posts and blog drafts that dominate my creative process.  Battle Reports, Paint Schemes, future actual plays of the Pigeon God campaign, you name it, I probably have a placeholder for it, even if it's tenatively scheduled for March 3, 3052.

With this post, I am finally back down to 350 drafts and pre-scheduled posts clogging up the pipeline. Hopefully I won't find too many inspiring blogs while I whittle down the Pigeon God actual plays and finish up season two of the Pulp game, and one day, get under 300.  Anything less would be foolish.

With school winding down and my wife's hockey obsession on it's last five games of the season, we'll probably return to some casual gaming.   My problem, of course is the list of projects are not 100% casual.  I've tried to block out campaign ideas and story hooks far off into the future, but for today's sake, let's look at the foolish list of things I at one time thought I might accomplish between now and October 1st.

I call it "The Final Countdown"

For a man who thus far has played Rory's Story Cubes with the girls once and got two figures painted this week, it's an impressive and delusional list:


  • The "Pulp" Game (Savage Showdown) - 12 posts.  We have five games left in season two (all but one terrain piece is painted) and apparenlty I thought I'd get in seven sessions of season three.  If the kids do want to keep going, it does affect my summertime buget.  
  • Mousling Fantasy (Savage Showdown/Pulp Alley?) - 7 posts.  This and My Little Pony have the potential to dominate the summer.  Plenty of simple scenarios, buuuut, it's a great chance to invest in the Russian and Ukranian houses produced by Pegasus.  Slightly more versatile than the Pulp items.
  • Gnome Wars - 4 posts- I really need to get back into the swing of things.  
  • Contemptible Little Armies/Song of Blades and Heroes/Ogre Minis/Frostgrave:  All great ideas, all contributing to gaming ADD.
  • At yet no sign of RPGs.  I've got physical notes on two D&D campaigns, if we can ever get together, Cthulhu Invictus or a return to regular CoC, and I've gone back to proper cartography for the first time since the later years of Bush I.   With the Pigeon God write-ups progressing nicely, I've been trying to properly format Crosedes into its Epic of Aerth borders...  and fill in the future chronology of a certain dwarf that has yet to be introduced.  

  • The Ballad of the Pigeon God only needs seven episodes finished up to be set through October.  My goal is to write up everything through episode #38 (last week of December) before work gets insane in September.  
  • Reviews:  Tales of the Caribbean just needs a long lunch and its down.  Pyarmid of the Lost King should be ready shortly as well.  
  • Random crap:  Hackmaster character updates, a few odd concepts thanks to Ken and Robin, and a long list of research involving Buckaroo Banzai.


  • Six or seven random items projects are the equivilant of a Blog/Pinterest love child.  All but two of them will trickle out shortly.

  • Possessing an email from Reaper that says "Estimated Delivery Date Saturday, June 3rd" for my Bones 3 Kickstarter just makes my attempt to clear off the queue even more pathetic.  
  • The Weekend:  Reservation made.  Kids are away for that weekend.  Quality time with the wife and little lead figures.  Not at the same time.  That would be weird.
  • Fall-In! and Mepacon:  Still working with the kids to figure out what we want to do.  That impending Reaper shipment is going to change my mind.  I'm waiting on the kids' gymnastics schedule, but it looks like I'll have both of them for at least one con, hopefully both.

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