Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blogger Stirs to Life

Going through my usual lunchtime perusal of my blog, I went through my normal motions of clicking through stats, links used, etc.  Blogger offers Current, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All-Time stats, but I only check the first four, as the All-Time numbers have not been updated since sometime in 2013. 

Until today. 

I almost didn't notice the updated stats until I caught (Kickstarter) Brigade Games 28mm Post-Apoc... in the middle of the top ten list.  

My happiness for this was fleeting as I noticed two major skews to the data:

(1)  The list omits a number of posts.  The Brigade Games Kickstarter is actually the #12 most viewed post all-time, but Blogger had it listed #6.  My post about this year's cruise somehow hit #10 to the bots at Google, yet it doesn't even break the top 30.  Very odd. 

(2) The pageview numbers are horribly off.  After four years of zero change, I almost had the numbers memorized, so I was surprised when my #1 post all-time (The Settlers of Catan 15th Anniversary Edition from 2010) actually LOST two views from the 2013 numbers!  My very loved mousling/mice warrior posts showed tiny increases when in fact they had received THOUSANDS of views. 

Somebody at Google got fire/promoted/hired.  Let's hope they know what they're tinkering with it.

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