Friday, June 23, 2017

(Painting) Blue Martians and Some Ramblings

Lots of moving parts on the painting bench this week.  Between a busy week and family mini-vacation at "The Weekend" in Lancaster, not much got finished.

The last of my wave of "Blue Martians" I've been working on since  the Wednesday before the Big Bang are finally finished!
Pathfinder Goblin Pyros (89002) with one random spearman from Pathfinder Goblin Warriors (89003)

More Notes (non-painting):  We did manage to procure a very adequate laptop this week, so not only will I use less of my lunch hour to type up blog posts at work, it's finally powerful enough to let me venture into the world of online gaming with the crew.

Speaking of the crew and role-playing, the  Pigeon God the next 23 actual plays are finalized and scheduled for Tuesday releases through the week after Thanksgiving.  The laptop helps my quest to get these finished, but my quest is to get the year done before my busy season in September and the last twenty or so episodes by early Winter.

Just as I inch under 350 blog posts at various stages behind the scenes (plot ideas/scenarios/scheduled posts) comes the announcement that #RPGaDAy is coming back in August.   I've been an active participant the last three years and it's been a hoot.  It just means another 31 placeholder blog posts behind the scenes.  More on that when the information becomes available.

And it should be noted I had "The Talk" with my daughter Maja this past weekend..  No, not THAT talk.

As we drove around doing errands on Free RPG Day, we covered the options for games.  It's not like a kept a draft board in the car, but I believe the final consensus was:

  1. Mousling Fantasy Role-Play
  2. Stuff with Gnomes, big and small
  3. Continue the Pulp game:  More Egypt, fewer dinosaurs.
  4. PONIES! 
  5. General family games off our nook in the dining room.  
  6. Learn to play Munchkin

Things that didn't make the cut:  Anything sci-f and/or fantasy skirmish related.  I'll have to introduce Song of Blades and Heroes/Mutants and Death Rays to the group at large and see if she picks up on it.

NEXT:  My queue is cluttered again and time limited.  The Mous-a-geddon/Rat-na-rock figures are primed and the big are gravitating towards me.  

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