Friday, June 9, 2017

Truth, Justice, and Painting Minis

Fridays I love to post any of my painting that I finished during the week.  Unfortunately, nothing is even remotely close to being done, and for once, that's a productive thing.

All my projects short term and long term have been shelved with the arrival of my Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter, although with the Psi-Paladin and Techo Barbarian figures (now available from Alternative Armies, I recommend the Combots, personally).  Still no apparent problems with any figures, although the space mouslings are still in their packaging.

The painting bench has been a busy place full of cleaning, trimming, and priming figures.  Mounting them, on the other hand almost didn't happen.

Every time I go to an HMGS (East) con, one of the top three items on my shopping list has been a chinese food container (either pint or quart) of mdf bases.  I thought I had plenty back in Fall-In, so for once I didn't pick them up, and having missed Cold Wars, I'm at the stunning realizaiton that I'm down to a dozen 25mm round bases and absolutely none of  square bases I've used to on my mouslings.  Fear not, as the washers got dug out of a drawer and these new Bones 3 mouslings will look quite similar to some of the original ones I painted many moons ago.  Perhaps I should have tacked a few bases on the Kicksarter.

First thing on my shopping list for Fall-In 2017?   MDF bases.

So now, my monthly summary of pipe dreams known as my gaming projects.

The Mystic Circle
Picture from the Kickstarter campaign
This piece is simple huge, and will play a role in my convention games for both Fall-In! and Mepacon.  Yes, my friends, Mous-a-geddon (or Rat-na-Rock) is back on.  As most of the stones are separate pieces I'm finishing those pieces first, using the base as a.... base to paint.  I'll seal the stones up, put them aside, and flock the hell out of the bases then.

Plotting out the con games, I have 59 "fantasy" mouslings, 6 frost giants, 1 fire giant, and 1 dragon to work with. I might pick up some cheap skaven to add some weaker troops to the bad guys, but not too many.

Father's Day: The Director's Cut
We somehow have back-to-back weekends with the whole family at home, so outside of going to see Wonder Woman at the drive-in Saturday night, we can catch up on laundry, yard work, and gaming. We'll take care of episdoe #2.9 this weekend and I have the YUGE #2.10 game for Father's Day itself. Storywise, I need to run those two before arranging #2.11 and #2.12 to wrap up the "season" and with school ending, that should be much easier to accomplish.

You may also see some Burning Plastic action before the kids go on vacation with other family members the last week of June, but I also uncovered an old-school gem yesterday, so that may change things.

The Weekend
My reservations and registration for this low-key convention at the Continental Inn in Lancaster, Jun 21-25 are complete. Despite some rumors to the contrary, it will be a full-blown family affair again, so I'll need to reserve some pool time with the kids.   A couple kid-less games and I'll be happy (although I think I will skip the Divine Right marathon

The Pigeon God
The Ballad of the Pigeon God has been one of the most successful series of posts I've ever had on my blog and it looks like I'll have material through Spring of next year.  There are nine weekly episodes posted as of right now, and I have up to #22 finished and scheduled for Tuesday releases.  It looks like I have eleven more to flesh out that should fill in the schedule through the end of the year.

My biggest problem with fleshing out these journal entries is that I'm constantly splitting up journal entries into multiple blog entries.  What initially looked like a 44-post run has expanded to well over 50.

I will say that I've had a blast connecting with my players (many of whom I still play with regularly, and reminiscing to piece together what happened in the campaign that the journal writer's failed to pick up on.    At one point this week, I realized a significant event for one PC was never noted in the journal until months later.  I had a rought idea when this actually occurred but when I shot a quick message to the guys to corroborate this.  Of course, my response I got was "That happened right before Rolf and I fought Cthulhu."

This was no good, as I knew Rolf and the character certainly did NOT fight "Cthulhu" (the party was split up at the time.   Eventually, reading through the journals again, that a monster these two fought earlier looked a lot like a Cthulhu... or a shoggoth,  Everybody remembers everything differently.

Ponies and Mouslings and Gnomes, oh my!
I still haven't had my sit-down superpower summit with the girls to ask them what they want to do for July and August.   Past finishing up the Lost World, we've got three options:

  1. My Little Pony - Sitting around in air conditioning will become a thing by July, no matter how many cold rainy weekds we've had recently.
  2. Mouslings Fantasy - extra incentive to paint up Mous-a-geddon and place an order some of the Ukrainian and Russian houses from Pegasus Hobbies
  3. Gnome Wars - I really need to catch up with my games/painting/writing, and they're the right size that my kids can easily help.
  4. Pulp Campaign Season #3 - Probably in 2018 (I expect Mouslings to beat them).  I'm putting an order in for Crescent Root Studios for a few items that are much cheaper than MBA.  . 

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