Wednesday, June 28, 2017

(Kickstarter) Top Secret: New World Order

I was quite confused last night as I looked through the newest campaigns on Kickstarter and saw the terms TSR and TOP SECRET together.

I checked my time machine to ensure I was home at the correct time and giggled at the prospect of TSR Games launching Top Secret: New World Order.
It appears TSR Games are the old-school fellows behind Gygax Magazine. 

Despite the head twisting, Top Secret: NWO is a brand new RPG system from Merle Rasmussen, author of the original Top Secret.

Ten bucks nets you the pdf of the core rulebook and module.  Fifty ($60 with S&H) gets you the print copy and all the accouterments.  Sixty-five snags you all the above (pre-shipping) PLUS ORIGINAL TSR TOP SECRET MINIS FROM THE 80's.

I didn't even know these existed! 


  1. The miniatures from Grenadier? I remember there being a boxed set - or maybe two...? One was more commando type and the other more James Bond-like secret agents. I remember seeing them and desperately wanting them but never did buy any....

    I think Top Secret was the first not-D&D rpg I played (that or Star Frontiers...?) I picked up a used copy of the rules for $4 and played with that alone for MONTHS - probably the best bang for my RPG buck EVER!

  2. These are the ones I was thinking of. I guess they weren't SPECIFICALLY for Top Secret...