Monday, June 5, 2017

My Reaper Bones 3 Finally Hit!

In the midst of a crazy weekend, a few moments of solace arrived before lunch on Saturday.

In continuing with my personal Kickstarter shipping month, my a la carte order from Reaper's Bones 3 showed up with zero problems.

1 x Mystic Circle
4x Frost Giant Warriors
1x Frost Giant King
1x Frost Giant Queen
1x Fire Giant King
1x Fire Giant Queen
1x Stormwing (Dragon)
16x Mouslings
6x Space Mouselings
1x Mr and Mrs Bones
1x Sophie

At the worst, everything looks solid.  The frost giants are simply humongous and I've already started priming the generic Stonehenge.

I'm about 95% certain that most of the items here will be part of my Fall convention games for Mepacon and Fall-In!  Mous-na-geddon or Rat-na-Rock looks to be a go.

Also included in my order was a nice handout covering Bones care and painting, as well as a tentative release schedule.  A lot of the pieces I wanted won't  be available until Fall 2017 or beyond, so I chose wisely to pick them up now.  There are a still lot of the individual items scheduled for Spring/Summer 2017 that were part of a larger package/add-on in the Kickstarter.  I might actually have stuff to order over the Summer!

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