Friday, June 2, 2017

(Painting) Cultists, Giant Gnomes, and Death Rays!

With assists from Maja and Millie, here are some Cultists from Pulp Figures:
These started as a kid's project, because nothing says bonding with your Dad than painting violent cultists.  We got base coats, washes, and Millie got her half drybrushed, but I needed to power through the details and equipment to get them done this week.

I also got a ceramic gnome project from the kids for my birthday, and that's finally complete.
Roughly 200mm tall!
My Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter is a mere 15 miles from my house, expecting arrival tomorrow.

What trumps that?  Having my Psi-Paladins and Tech Barbarian Kickstarter beat it to the house:

Next:  Painting bench was cleaned, repapered, and reorganized in anticipation for my Bones.   Pulp Figures German Colonial Rifles prepped and mounted, plus a slew of simple kids projects to make room for Mouslings!

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