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Ballad of the Pigeon God #13: The Heroes' Triumphant Return

23 HepDec 1070 - En Route from Lansluck, Kingdom of Crosedes
After crawling from the catacombs beneath the lost monastery of Akana, the party made it back to town, battered, burnt, and rich!

Rolf Wolfsblood - Bald-headed barbarian from the Plains of Galmar
Kane - Student of Eastern mysticism, controller of water.
Ashe - Highly skilled elven ranger, still recovering from being half-eaten by a dragon.
Maloran Alberhold - Human fighter, ladies man sans charisma.
Talis Makolin -  Rakish bard avec charisma
Echelon - A pigeon loving priest of an eastern god of the sea, escorted by his charmed wolf, Pathfinder.
Velandro - A pious priest of Akana with a kobold congregation
Kannex of Cymril (NPC) - Mysterious sorcerer from parts unknown
Wrath - Young Holy Warrior with a an ego bigger than his ability.

Along with them, they escorted the following people from the webs of the spider-people:

  • Lady Iris:, A Red Knight of Crosedes, she had been knocked out and kidnapped during the strange lizardman raid the year prior.  The spider-person doppelganger was the one that had become betrowed to the now dead Lord Athelstane.

Lady Iris

  • Count Zabty of Halfwater: A half orc fallen paladin of Akana. Once the head of the warrior arm of the faith and a personal friend of King Leif VII of the Ferasean Empire over 250 years.
  • Sir Felix:  Baron of Homsburg during the reign of Fiame I of Feraso, 340 years ago.
  • A. Warren Corkbarrel: The Halfling sheriff of Corkbarrel, along the Masgoth border.  Last he remembered. the year was 1053.
  • Aetex: Ferasean infantryman, last remembered fighting the barbarian invasions 250 years ago.
  • Cilito - An armed attache of the Senzar Empire, escorting a noblewoman and disappeared 9 Hexdec, 827.
  • Dew Xyclone: noblewoman from the Estate of Ipan, now in Southwestern Crosedes.  Was guarded by Cilito.
  • Heirylat: A rather shifty (and greasy) fellow.  He was an enforcer for a crime boss that disappeared 20 years ago.  It was realized on the second night back, that he was the father of Lady Iris, long thought lost years ago.

They also brought back a number of peasants who had been recently kidnapped in Eding and replaced with spider-people.

After watching, Heirylat and Iris reunite, and Talis trying to "unite" with Iris, they continued on.

They parted ways with Corkbarrel at the halfling village of Lowdale, He promised a great reward once he got to the village of Corkbarrel, but no one held their breath.

30 HepDec 1070 - Village of Eding, Kingdom of Crosedes
They returned to the Blue Wizard Inn, which was now just a ramshackle collection of tents and shacks serving as a tavern and toasted our good fortune.  Barrak, the militia commander and owner of the Blue Wizard, gave ownership over to his daughters Emeretta and Fayette (with strict orders to stay away from Talis and Maloran).  Everyone toasted to their good luck

Maloran discovered that he was an father of a child born 23 Quadec.  Everyone toasted to his poor judgment.

Again Talis tried to "unite" with Iris and she quickly suggested they visit the Prince William, the acting baron, in the morning

31 HepDec 1070 - Village of Eding, Kingdom of Crosedes
The following morning they met up and went over en masse to Prince William's residence. He was surprised by Iris and immediately rewarded them with 100 gold apiece.

Not much had changed in Eding since the firey wedding catastrophe. Prince William did let them know that the Archbishop (real or spider, he did not know) had hired a second group of adventurers to clear out Elwyn's Sanctuary in the Nightwood Forest, and despite slaying Elwyn's lieutenant and the black dragon, came up empty-handed with the Bell of Chardastes... and for good reason.

Rolf the Barbarian, was given a scroll to deliver to the king along with credentials to received an immediate audience with King Nevin.

"We prepared to travel to Hydincall by getting better clothes than the rags we had had been wearing.  On a positive note, the barbarian finally dressed himself."  - Talis Makolin

They then travelled to Echelon's "Chateau," which was abustle with activity.  Carthon and Jenny seemed to be building "bungalows" away from the main building, so everyone had a small place to call their own. They could only roll their eyes as the party returned with even more swollen numbers.   The kobolds (and Timmy) rejoiced in seeing everyone and they settled in for some short relaxation before heading to the capital.
After many adventurous exploits, sans pigeon, Echelon began to lapse into his old way, shopping for new livestock and finding jobs for everyone as help around the estate.
  • Iris declined and declared she was joining the group heading to Hydincall.
  • County Zabty accepted shelter at the estate, but planned on spending his days help Prince William rebuild Eding.
  • Felix accepted shelter and any work he could find on the estate.  
  • Aetex and Cilito agreed to work as farm hands, with dreams of joining the "modern" Crosedean army.
  • Heirylat was given the title of estate foreman and put in charge of the others.
  • Despite her noble heritage, Dew was quite adept in household matters and offered her skills in the kitchen and maintaining the chateau. In the few short days before part of the group left for the capital, her singing, her dancing (so delicate and dainty for such a plump woman) and her cooking won the crowded estate over.
31 HepDec 1070 - Village of Eding, Kingdom of Crosedes
Rolf departed with Ashe, Velandro, Maloran, Talis, Wrath, Kannex, and Lady Iris to Hydincall.  The kobolds were very sad to see their master go again.

DM Notes:  Episodes #13 and #15 were to be one large combined episode, but upon reviewing some info missing from the Journal, I discovered that there was an entire adventure that took place after Rolf & Company left for the capital.  It's not my favorite adventure, it wasn't documented at the time, but it did have plot significance and introduced a new character. 

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