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(Savage Lost) #2.11 The Outlying Pickets of the New World

After helping defeat the Ape God, our heroes had little time to rest.  A trial by combat for the leadership of their allies, the Akala (aka Blue Monkey Men) was cut short by news that scouts had discovered their elder Mettiaus, thought dead, trudging through the jungle with a mixture of badly wounded and obviously dead Akala. 

That was enough to worry the war-weary monkeymen, but the direction their former leader was going was disconcerting.... past the tar pits and into Yetekelekele Ketema.

The Forbidden City.

"Wait one minute," English gentleman and sportsman Lord John-Smythe Cuppenbrush snorted to his friend and translator, Swedish Adventurer, Nils Lingonberry.  "You folks have some mystical forbidden city, probably with the secrets we need to get out of you lovely, but god-awful valley?  Why didn't you tell us?"

After conferring with the Akala, the Swede could only retort.  "We never asked..."

Mettiaus the Elder and his Akala followers of variable lifeforce (x5), in the middle of the board, between the entrance to the Forbidden City and the Heroes/Akala in pursuit.

Heroes: Archeologist Maja Millie, Nils Lingonberry, Lord John-Smythe Cuppenbrush, and photographer Kacey Barbara were all tired, wounded, and very low on ammo.  Still they had persisted.

Akala, Friend of the Heroes: (x6)

Guardians of the Forbidden City: (x5)

Turns 1-3
Mettiaus and his legion cautiously moved towards the entrance to the city, and for good reason.   Undead guardians of the entrance came to life and moved forward. 
With the tomb guardians moving in, Mettiaus senses someone was following them?
The good Akala slowly crept behind, while the heroes spread out and tried to find a tactical advantage.  Unfortunately, Mettiaus noticed her sprinting through the brush, and cast an entangle spell at her, the vegetation she was hurdling over sprung to life and held her down! 

The underbrush moves and captures Maja Millie!
Turns 4-6
Mettiaus and the Guardians finally, immediately slaying two Akala and destroying a skeleton, but otherwise fighting to a standstill.

Lord Cuppenbrush got near Maja Millie, and with a few slashes of his saber, loosened the living vines enough to allow the archaeologist to escape. 
Maja Millie sneaks around the melee
Turns 7-9
The good Akala, with some motivation from Lord Cuppenbrush finally reached the combat fell into the fray.  Unfortunately, they largely succumbed to the ineptitude of the other combatants. 

The heroes took advantage of the scrum of mediocrity and shuffled through the ruins towards the entrance.  Only Lord Cuppenbrush remained in the fight.  One of Mettiaus' henchmen ambled towards the explorer, with a dislocated jaw and a hobbled leg with a nasty wound.  He raised his revolver at the creature's head, only to see a spear tip come out it's eye.    The friendly Akala were finally hitting things, by Jove!  It was time to follow his friends in the city. 
Maja Millie leads her friends into the city....
 The team worked their way into the city a few blocks, until they saw a single building completely out of place.  While there were examples of Roman, Greek, and even Egyptian architecture among the buildings, one tower defied explanation.  It was a gleaming metal structure, ascending into the fog. 

Upon reaching it's front door, the heroes were confronted with a keypad and touchscreen, a strange apparatus for our folks from the 1920's, much more so for primitive monkey people.  But Maja Millie notice a strange light coming from her satchel.  The crystal skull she had discovered during their fight with Atil-A-Kong, the Ape God, was now glowing brightly.  She positioned it closer to the controls o the wall and doors opened with an effortless *swoosh*.

Perhaps there were some answers inside.
.... with Mettiaus the Elder following them.
NEXT:  #2.12 "That Was the Real Conquest!"

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