Thursday, July 13, 2017

RPGs: Art and Craft by S. John Ross

So author S. John Ross (GURPS: Warehouse 23, Risus) has a blog!

While I'm happy to catch his rantings and ravings over his Google Plus page (Yes, I just mentioned G+, bite me), RPGs: Art and Craft  (check at the end of the article) looks to be a extrapolation on the themes he already covers from time to time.

And how can you not, when the man expresses his love for "Escape from Poughkeepsie" from AADA Road Atlas Volume 1?  His description alone makes me want to (a) play anything post-apocalyptic using that scenario (b) play GURPS and (c) wax nostalgic for Car Wars and break out the old maps.

Those are three things I had no intention of even thinking about this year, much less doing.

That's the power of positive writing (with a cooking-grade bottle of nostalgia poured into it.)

(EDIT 4/30/18):  As S. John Ross has updated in the comments, the blog has moved!  to Rolltop Indigo


  1. [worried expression] Are we not supposed to mention G+? I mention it on G+ all the time =(

  2. I love G+, especially since its the only social media I can access at work.

  3. G+ is the red headed step-child of the social media sphere. I say this as an authority because I'm also ginger.

  4. Blog moved, got busier =)