Friday, July 21, 2017

(Painting) German Bier Medics and Smoke Markers

My "Home-storicon" was pretty much was relegated to painting, and I had no problem with that. 

First off, I'm proud to say, after nearly eight years "Die FleiderAffes" are finally finished!

This unit should be 320 points and includes a Commander, Officer, and NCO.  I picture this as essentially the headquarters unit. 

The final two figures to finish off the unit were perhaps the most important: "Herr Bier Doktor" and his lovely Bier Nurse Assistant. 

I'm not painting red crosses on the steins.  White should be enough.

Of course, as I gingerly packed up this fully painted unit, I went through a second box of unpainted gnomes and found the German Sausage Mortar Team with unpainted figures, and a lone unbased German rifleman, all with this unit's paint scheme. I'll hopefully finish up the mortar team this month and the rifleman will get reassigned to my undermanned third German unit, "Die Yuenglings."

No schedule as to when my 2nd unit, the 31st "Die Leinenkugels" will hit the table to be finished.

I also fooled around with steel wool possibly older than my wife to play with some smoke markers.

Not fantastic, but I've had this project in my blog queue for awhile now, and when I recently went through the garage, I found a bag of steel wool that was from my wife's grandmother's house when we clean it out a few years ago.  From the price tags, the unopened bag may have been from the late 70's.  No rust, but some pieces were extremely brittle. 

The original markers were initially inspired by Armored Ink, although I avoided the bad flames and may have been influenced by other blogs.

Next:  My 25 Pulp Figures German Colonials are completely base coated.  I anticipate them getting finished much quicker than the gnomes.  From there, frost giants and treasure chests! 
On the RPG front, I'm happy that I finished episode #46 of the Ballad of the Pigeon God, although, I've been forced to split two episodes into four, to maintain size and consistency.  Thanks to that, I've gone from behind on my other writing to WAAAAY behind.

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