Saturday, July 22, 2017

The #RPGaDay 2017 List is Up...

After waiting and waiting, the infographic for #RPGaDay 2017 is up!

What is #RPGaDay?  Dave Chapman, founder of the concept explains it well over at Autocratik, but in a nutshell, it's an RPG Question-a-Day for the month of August that you can answer and share with the gaming community as a whole via social media.

Want to do short answers under 140 characters?  Just tweet your answers!

Want to just share it with your gaming friends you already know? Facebook!

Want to answer and have no one see it?  That's what Google+ and Tumblr are for.

If you have a long answer, well, that's why the internet gods invented blogs.  A blog entry a day is great practice to see if you enjoy it.  Avoid all the graphics and fancy stuff. For most of us, we simply want a good answer, maybe a story associated with it.  If your talking about obscure stuff from the mid-80's that even I don't remember, that's when posting a jpg of the cover or a link to the game's fandom page might be appropriate.

Feel like a question doesn't make sense?  There should be an alternate set of questions available shortly.  Worst case, pull up one of the last three years of questions and answer one of those.  This is not some marching band competition where everything needs to be regimented. We're gamers, we all march to the beat of a different drummer. Some to trumpets, maybe an oboe or a xylophone from time to time.

Of course, you can post links to your blog to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even Tumblr if you are so inclined.  Just make sure to use the hashtag #RPGaDay on the posts and sit back, relax, and read everyone else's entries.

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