Friday, July 28, 2017

(Poll) What to Run at Mepacon Fall 2017?

The Fall edition of Mepacon 2017 will be held November 10-12 at the Hilton in Scranton, Pa.

As I just divested myself of all GM duties for Fall-In the weekend previous, it's time to decide what I should run.  I'm dedicated to running kid or kid-friendly games (having a six and an eight year in the house does that), so I just need to figure out what to run and how much:

Our choices (All are two hour time slots)
"Rat-Na-Rock"  System: Of Gods and Mortals. Players: 6+
The Frost Giants have attacked Asgard! The Midgard Serpent wakes from its slumber.  Odin and the other main gods of Norse mythology are missing!  And you have been cursed to the size of a mouse!  Can you stop the "Rat-Na-Rock"  from happening?

"Valley of the Ape" System: Valley of the Ape.  Players 6
Six different groups venture through the jungle, seeking out lost artifacts, dodging quicksand, and capturing the greatest prize of all: Kang, the great ape of the valley. 
This will be an expanded version of my Ape God game

"Adventures in Ponyville" System:  My Little Pony RPG.  Players 6
Yes, there's a legitimate My Little Pony RPG. It's in hardcover, and it's really well done.  I'm not a brony, but as a father, I've watched enough episodes to put run two hour slots to make help make characters and run two encounters to show off the mechanics. 

"Mousling Fantasy" System: Savage Worlds RPG.  Players 6
Generic kid-friendly(esque) fantasy adventures using the Mouslings from Reaper Miniatures and slightly stripped down Savage Worlds. 

"Eric Run Something For Grown-Ups" System: ???? Players: 6
I'm the non F20 demographic when it comes to "normal" RPGs, so I've been hitting 50/50 odds of games going off.  When they happen, they're fantastic.  When they don't, I get sad.  Options include "Cthulhu Comes to Springfield" (Toon), "The Ka-Boom Show" (Spirit of '77), Illuminati University (Risus), Savage Rifts, and maybe some classic red-box D&D.  Ideas in the comment section, please.


  1. Ponies if for no other reason then to see the reactions in your follow up post. Or Toon, as it is a great game and will make me miss not being there any longer.

  2. Anything with unicorns and zombies