Friday, July 14, 2017

(Painting) German Gnome Leadership

With tons of stuff on the table right getting a dab or two of paint, things are getting colorful, but not much is close to completion.

At least my German Gnomes are two steps closer to finally getting complete.   My Officer and NCO are finished!
The Officer is not the usual Kaiser figure, rather he's the spotter from the German Gnome Heavy Machine Gun, given a much more active role on the battlefield.

The Doktor and Bier Nurse are the only gnomes left to finish the unit.

In the Queue:  Everything, Although between still base coating the German Schutztruppe and the Reaper Frost Giants, there are some very simple treasure chests from the recent Lion-Men Kickstarter that scream "We're easy! Do us!"

As Historicon is currently happening in Virginia, I should be able to slap together some "HOME-storicon" games this weekend. 

To be honest, this week's big focus has been the infernal Pigeon God.  Episode #15, the end of the first overall story arc of the campaign, drops next Tuesday, but ViscountEric is desperately trying to finish as many episodes as possible before work overwhelms my life.    I'm well into the 40s (scheduled to post in FEBRUARY), and I never thought embellishing journal entries into a semi-prose style would be psychologically tiring.  I don't think dropping spoiler seven months out would be a bad thing, even for a series as popular as Pigeon God has become, but I'll hold back to vague terms regardless.

After thirty-plus episodes of trying to balance threat/reward levels, and instilling some underlying conspiracies, I went all George R. R. Martin on my players in the 40s.  I've had to break up journal entries into multiple blog posts to lessen the overwhelming sense of dread.  Heck, I've even written an entire post simply to dress up a roster of "Who is left?"  

And looking further into the later 40s of the journal entries, it's going to get worse.

The God of Light is coming.... the apocalypse shall be upon us soon enough. (Probably late May 2018!)

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