Friday, July 28, 2017

No Water No Paint No Game

Sorry, no painting this week.  The second great basement flood of '17 is cleaned up and I did get the table sorted out and some of the kid's projects primed for painting. 

Fall-In 2017 mysteriously closed their GM Registration for the Preliminary Event Listing (PEL) on July 21st, a week after Historicon and a full month earlier than had posted on their website.  After at online yelling and screaming by the convention director that we GMs don't know what we're doing (or reading), they graciously extended GM Event Registration for the PEL to Friday, August 4th. 

Of course, someone did pull up the web archive of the Fall-In! from back in June, when important dates section still had AUGUST 21st as the deadline.  I'm used to finding the pomposity of the HMGS cons coming from know-it-all players, not a clueless convention director.  Even my local con has "check/change the website for the next con" on their to-do list right after the last convention wraps up. 

It's not a huge to-do, but the general attitude has really turned me off from running anything for future Fall-In conventions. 
UPDATE:  Due to what appears to be the poor attitude and general incompetence of the convention director, I will not be at Fall-In as a GM or paying attendee.  The basic rule of customer service, especially when you side is in the wrong is, accept responsibility, correct the issue, apologize and drop the subject as quickly as possible.  Not having a clue as to how a certain proactive engaging demographic would react to a reasonably presented information, being radically changed incorrectly and refusing admit error and move on is just something I don't tolerate anymore.  The amusing thing is that the right thing was done by extending registration to August 4th.  Owe up to the error, make a have hearted mea culpa, and next year everyone think's you're a rock star.
Of course, I only said I wouldn't pay to go to Fall-In.  I have told stories of many individuals attending a full con without registering.  Not getting access to the Dealer Hall isn't the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  So, you still might find me at the bar Saturday night. 
Removing my Rat-Na-Rock game from the scheduled convention game and going to the con as a civilian seems to be liberating.  It also completely changes my events for Mepacon.  Now, first on all, I still have painting the Giants, Mouslings, and ordering a few buildings on the top of my list, so I might still run it at Mepacon, but I think my attention will be directed towards some Valley of the Ape and My Little Pony RPG in 2-hour sessions for kids and kids-at-heart alike. 

On the writing front, I've got 51 episodes of the Pigeon God in the can, ready to post.  We're looking at April and May for the final episodes, so I have some time to assemble the random memories that make up the final sessions of the game. 

I also have 19 out of the 31 #RPGaDay entries finished.  The questions are workable this year, although I was amused by a recent update regarding alternative topics that focused entirely on, 'Don't criticize the question."

About a third of these questions would completely baffle your average casual role-player, and two or three have made me turn my head to the side, trying to comprehend them. 

I'm just hoping for the celebratory 5th Annual #RPGaDay, we go back to the first year's questions. 

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