Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changes at Pulp Figures

Last week I barely caught an announcement on TMP that North Star Military Figures would be not only distributing Pulp Figures, but casting them in the UK as well, in order to keep shipping and import costs down.

I didn't think much of a foreign arrangement until the Pulp Figures page blew up Wednesday with a flurry of announcements.  It was announced that RAFM would begin casting the figures in North America this Summer, while Crucible Crush with handle the distribution.

This makes sense.  Pulp Figures is really just one guy, Bob Murch, and Bob has had a full plate of sculpting over this past year from a variety of sources.  He's worked with RAFM with the latest wave of Call of Cthulhu figures, and he's been intimately involved with Crucible Crush for their Flint and Feather line, as well as, I believe, Star Crush and Diesel Crush.   Less time casting and shipping means more figures sculpted!

It was also announced that the PYG Yangzee Gangs line would be unavailable after April 15, so the line can be completely reworked, specifically PYG 1-5.

The American Sailors in the PYS line will also be discontinued in the same manner.

There's also a flurry of new figures coming out....

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