Friday, March 20, 2015

The Reaper Mouslings Have Finally Arrived!!

Miracle of miracles occurred yesterday.  A small box from Texas arrived at my house yesterday, it's contents being twenty small mice creatures.

The Bones II Mouslings are finally in my possession. 

A couple of things.  First off, I'm going to need to "Bone" up on the best techniques for handling and painting them.  Don't want to melt them or be left with pock-marked mice.
Second, the details on the figures is just enough, even if my pictures aren't great.   
Third, when my next Apathy of the New Releases column comes out next week, you can understand why Reaper is selling the blistered Mouslings in pairs.

Princess and the King of Blurry Picture-dom

Fourth, the figures are pretty clean.  One of them does have a noticeable casting line all around the figure, and longer the tail, the larger the flash will be.   With the metal minis, I worried about bending or breaking pieces off.  With the Bones material, I'm more worried about cutting off the tails with a carving, I mean, X-Acto knife.  

Fifth, and finally, outside of the King/Princess and Sorcerer/Samurai packs, every other Mousling is dressed down enough to be well-suited for a Mouse Guard game.

Despite the added delays and regardless of whether or not they shipped to my old (April 2014) address, even though I changed the information in June 2014 and confirmed it twice, thanks to update emails, I'm quite happy with my pledge and the rewards.  I will grab a few more individual figures at the FLGS (via special order, they only stock GW) for advanced painting lessons with the girls later this year. 

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