Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cold Wars 2015 - Saturday

After a fun Friday night, we got a starchy breakfast at the Continental Inn, we journeyed across 30 back to The Host. 
I can't wait to see his 3-D version of Chutes and Ladders
Make sure all beach landings are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
After meandering a bit, we entered the H.A.W.K.S room and was just about wrangled into one of the Schlegel's Ferry game, when we were veered over the Western game using Blood & Swash.  

Lovesick Larry and his boys,  looking for love and gold wagons in all the wrong places
Remember my opinion of the Doctor Who Minis rules from yesterday?  Well Blood and Swash is another great skirmish/role-playing minis game, especially better if there are no Timelords around.   Each player had their gang of four fellas, each with at least three different objectives to accomplish.  My leader, Lovesick Larry, needed to get to the saloon to reach my "beloved" Suzie (even though she did not agree to this).  If that didn't work out, there were a few more eligible bachelorettes I could "rescue".   If that didn't work, I could just rob the stage coach full of gold that was coming into town. 

Lovesick Larry, with love in his sights
While the rest of the table were participating in running gun battles, I carefully snuck around the buildings and waited for my chance to dash across the street and into the saloon.  Once inside, I paid for a round of drinks to the drunk cowboys inside, who were randomly shooting at anyone who looked funny.   I grabbed Suzie, dashed outside, and Suzie started screaming and fighting back.  Apparently coming from the Ike Turner school of romance, I slapped her so hard that I knocked her unconscious. 
On the steps of the saloon.
In the middle of town.
I was shot dead by at least a dozen different figures, cause that ain't no way to treat a lady...

The town, complete with new water tower in the lower left.
With their leader gone, my other three guys ran amok.  Morgan, the second in command, couldn't find any other young ladies in town, so he decided to try and grab Granny Parker.  I wasn't quite sure what the Parker family's objectives were, but my action distracted that entire group for the rest of the game, and although I didn't get far down the street, I believe two of their family members were dead, and I escape sans Granny.
Larry's sidekick, tried to jump on the wagon containing the gold, but with all the gunfire between the bandits, horse thieves, deputies, and amorous Granny lovers, chose to hide underneath the wagon and even fired at the fourth member of the gang, Austin, as he ran off with a bag of gold.
Ultimately, my one guy and a ex-Confederate from Steve's gang successfully ran off the board with the gold.    The game was a riot, and it was fitting the kids playing were calling the Frisco Kid the Fiasco Kid.



After the game, we met up with old man Brian, who obviously felt the effects of last night and bid us adieu at one o'clock in the afternoon.  Wimp.
I snagged lunch and did a final run of the dealer's hall and flea market, only grabbing a few the last couple Eureka CowBears left, a few Windstorm Egyptian accessories for my budding Egyptologist Maja, and finally finding superglue (and finding out this morning that the nozzle is dried shut while trying to put Maja's broken Mummy back together.)
This was all in flames when I passed by later.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the the bar with Stanton and the Canadians, discussing how to fluff the... er... how to add logical fluff to the nationalities in Gnome Wars.  More on that on a special gnome-related post after this.   
Steve showed he had become a lightweight as well, leaving around six for his quick drive back to Allentown.  I grabbed some of the Hall Pig, ran into a few fans of the blog, and went back downstairs.
Really tiny fantasy
Back in the Distelfink, I hung out with the Canadians and got to play their Turbo Joust, which is similar to the Gnome Joust, but with kitbashed rocket sleds.. and explosions.
The first-ever sneak peak of TurboJoust
The weather and real life kept a good number of families away from the con, as the Gnome Joust had a low, but still healthy twenty players or so...  No spoilers or anything, as this belongs in the gnome post, but a certain blogger may have won the joust for the first * cough cough*

At ten o'clock I finally bid everyone a farewell to head back to the Wilkes-Barre metro area.  To avoid the road conditions south of Lebanon, I decided to take 222 back up to Reading and 61 back to 81 to go home.It wasn't a bad drive, except for the five plus miles of construction below Pottsville.   They're replacing the concrete deck on the on the northbound lanes, so traffic each way is funnelled into cattle chutes on the southbound side.  Narrow, ice covered, pothole ridden cattle chutes.  I did make it home before midnight to walk the dogs, pass out, and spend a full Sunday with the kids, including a birthday party for one of Maja's classmates.

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