Thursday, March 12, 2015

(Kickstarter) Dwarven Forge City Builder System

With my Pyramid of the Lost King's goal miraculously met, still figuring out my pledge for the Scavengers RPG, and still waiting on my 2013 Kickstarters for Reaper (wave 10 - wrong address) and RAFM (almost ready to ship).  I haven't been doing my daily scrying of the website.

Then the Dwarven Forge City Builder System Kickstarter magically appeared.

I loved their original dungeon stuff, although I got much more use of their dungeon accessories than the tiles.   This time it's modular houses and cityscapes that look simply outstanding.   The lowest entry point for a hand painted single cottage is $45 and the minimum level to include stretch goals is $165, but they've already met nine of them, and higher pledge levels will get multiples of the stretech goal rewards.
As a man who can barely assemble my Miniature Building Authority together to form a village, I certainly can't imagine trying to put together multiple pieces for a con event.  Plus, my kids looooove puzzles and I could see pieces easily disappearing.  

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