Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Irish Fairies and Eggshells

Earlier this year Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff covered an interesting gnome-ish tangent.  Why your mother crushed the eggshells.

I know, dear readers, that most of you are...

To butcher the story properly it comes down to this.  When the Irish made it over to America, they took their household fairies with them.  These fairies granted good luck to the home, only there was one problem:  The fairies wanted to return to Ireland.  Since the journey was far to long for their tiny fairy wings, they would steal eggshells to sail back to Ireland.

And here what you thought was good composting technique is actually an act of enslavement of the Faekind.  You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Always looking for a the next great idea (for someone else to do), and getting told at Cold Wars, that Leprechauns and Gnomes are not the same (although the Highlanders might make nice half-breeds), the question arises, why have the Irish not been conquered?

Simple, they have a freakin' fairy navy!*  A few oversized plastic Easter eggs and a couple of Fairy Meat minis and voila!  All those Irish naval encounters you ever wanted to play in the palm of your hand!

*Sure, I bet if I peruse the Gnome Wars book, there's something about magic protections, Goddesses, or what have you, but I want Irish Amphibian Landing craft made out of eggs, dagnabit!

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