Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gnomish Space Marines Development Notes #2

Day 4 and 5 - set up Ability Score charts.
Secondary Ability Scores (Military Leadership)  will be derived from stats but treated as a skill.
Starting fleshing out playtest PCs.
Set up some basic weapons to use in playtest.  Nothing bigger than a "small" heavy weapons.  Lots of lasers
Still tweaking the armor rules.  Armor should allow for shots to bounce off and not compromise it.  If it gets through, it should damage the armor and the player.

Day 6
Chapter 2 Occupations.   Initial skill points may be too small, may double occupation and personal skill points.   Don't want one-trick ponies.  They die in space very easily.

Chapter 3 Skills:  CoC BRP skill advancement rules.  d6 per failure, standard 5% added to any skill advanced from base.  Skills without prerequisites will default to Ability Score as %.   Definitely exceptions.  Set up base modifiers for difficulty (subject to change).  Weapons will have Situational (cover, speed) and Range modifiers.  Should be spelled out on a reference sheet for the playtest.

Hit location?

Humorous but quirky background/disadvantage system.  Think toned-down Hackmaster plus Fickle Finger of Fate tables.

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