Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gnomish Space Marines Development Note #1

These posts are designed to track my weekly progress designing the Gnomish Space Marines RPG towards a potential playtest at the end of the month and another playtest at Mepacon.  Grammar and sentence structure are not doted over while creating the notes.

Some early objectives
GSM should be  crunch plus role playing potential, some with tongue firmly planted inside the cheek.  
1-10 stats
percentile for skills, combat
A variety of weaponry. 
A steel hammer able to dent a warbot.

Day One
Ablity Scores 0-15 range % to start, shift a tens place. 9.2?
Manual Dexterity
Each stat will have it bonuses listed as %

Occupations: all military for pcs, expand as npc professions are fleshed out.
Shock Infantry
Skill system: % with two or three lists of situational modifiers *wing it*
Combat system: % with minimal modifiers for logical progression Dodge?
Armor has threshold and Armor Rating Threshold is how many points the armor absorbs of the hit. (10 points of damage against the Threshold of 3 means 7 points gets through). AR is the total number of hits the armor has taken before it falls apart.
Melee should be a two hit with a standard parry save,
Weapons: All h-t-h to start,3or 4 varities
Armor standard sci-fi flak jackets, a notion of power armor.
history: Space Gnomes is actually a bigoted reference to any of the shorter human (and similar) sub species that have developed during the milenia. Discouraged to join "normal" armies and militias, the Gnomish Space Marines were born. Most male gnomes who reach adulthood join the GSM as part of their service obligation.
They're not the toughest, nor the fastest, and definitely not the best, but they're all thousands of planets have for protection from human/alien/unnatural mauraders.

What to use for Spot Hidden (skill?) Ability roll-off
Ability score checks would be score plus d20.  With 1-10 normal ability range, difficulty rolls can range from 2-30.  Difficulty level from 1 to 50 (even the strongest humanoid STR 15 creatures would require help for ridiculously difficult tasks.

Not much accomplished, as my half-hour of work was done well into my sleep for the night.
Need to expand on the use of a primary ability score and a secondary one while doing an ability check.  

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