Monday, March 2, 2015

(Cold Wars Pregame) What is My Project for 2015???

One thing I've done to occupy myself while I'm stuck on the antiquated roads of Wilkes-Barre trying to get home, is use the voice recorder on my phone and talk about anything on my mind.  I'm not quite ready to make "Crap Eric Says in the Car (CESITC)" out in the public but it does keep my wandering eyes on the prize, as well and documents how many times I drop an F-bomb towards a fellow commuter.

Back in January, TMP had a topic of "What is your project for 2015."   Some of the people had lists of things that could not humanly get accomplished, others just wished to get a single 15mm tank platoon finished. 

With all the chaos at home, I'm grateful that this is the first year in many that I don't have any projects to finish up.  No British Marines.  No Sikhs.  No Yellowstone Park game to design.  No ships to paint.  And especially from last year, no giant pile of Samoans to assemble for an obscure game.   

This year I have a horrible secret:  I don't know what I want to do.

I'd like to get my Astro-Surfian War back up and running, but I that campaign can rely on figures I already own.

I'd love to expand the Samoan Civil War games to include some paper terrain to expand the tribal warfare, but that's not singing to me.  One dream is a great war game using German and ANZAC forces skirmishing outside of Apia. 

Usually, my Cold Wars wish list is gigantic and is pointed towards something.

*I will always need more MBA Middle Eastern Buildings.  If I could snag 3 buildings for under $100 it would be great.

*Most of the figures I'm interested will not have a representative at the Dealer's Hall, so unless someone is getting rid of their Hinterlands, their Tostlings, or even some Scrunts at the Flea Market, they get pushed way onto the back burner.  And if I'm ordering from England, I might as well get the "Post-Apoc Gang" from Hasslefree.   Hmmm.... maybe zombie with the kids?  Not yet.

*The Flea Market (Wally's Basement) would be a source for bulk sci-fi figures for the Gnomish Space Marines.  Brigade does carry some Space Goblins that have far cleaner lines than Gretchin and a full set would run $24.00.  If that doesn't work, hopefully I can find my muse for something else on one of those tables.

*Do I go Confederate gnomes from Brigade and use them as Mexicans and Mormons for my Cali Imperial Guard?  I'm also way behind on just picking out the figures.  The last time I was current, I picked up Gnomans at Historicon back when it was at Valley Forge.

*Brigade also has some US Marines to fit in a Banana Wars game.   Despite their cost per figure, I would get more use out of them versus a bag of Old Glory figs full of snipers.

*Despite Tanga still being on my radar, I would love some Eureka Rhodesian and other African bush war figs, but again, what would I do with them, and when would I play it?

On the RPG side, I removed Dagger from my wishlist, and I don't have any fear of a hard copy appearing at my FLGS anytime soon.  From the pdf version, it's far too simple for my girls, especially when you consider we had Dungeons and Ponies using 5th Edition!

Hopefully the Scavengers RPG will replace that as a new kid's game to chomp on.  If not, I snagged some freebies off of that could work.

I did get my "super-secret" reference book to help me flesh out the Gnomish Space Marines RPG.  It's everything I remember and a bit more!  I'll start with the details of system construction once I get back from the con. 

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