Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Grand Columbia Station Soiree

Friday afternoon, my wife and I took half days at work, dressed as fine as we felt like and drove two hours to the outlying suburbs of Philly for our friends Scott and Bridget's wedding.  

We navigated turnpike traffic a slew of back roads that all started with "Old," and the gridlock of two lane roads that never get updated in the area, but we arrived at Columbia Station with minutes to spare.

And we were the good guys. Our friends, Wooly, Jenny, and their tagalong, Don, as well as Derek and his family, all showed up after the procession.  

Oh yeah, at least two fellas brought dice.  Enough for Battletech (or Risus).

The Viscount and the lucky fella
For an outdoor ceremony, with the low roar of traffic on 29 muffling the quiet minister (So long as Scott and Bridget could hear it, that's all the matters.) we went in the building for hor 'douvres and ultimately the meal.

A great time was had by all, the service was phenomenal, and food was extraordinary.   We didn't get home from the wedding (and picking up the kids) until 1:30am.  A few things that I've learned.
  • Sad news regarding The Encounter in Allentown and (the completely unrelated) liquidation of Dreamscape Comics.  One made me sad, the latter entirely grumpy (circumstances notwithstanding, I believe I knew more about the subjects Jeannie was having issues with that the support circle around the store, and I never got a call.
  • Wooly is finally attending a con for the first time in 15 years.  Sure, it's a sci-fi convention in Altoona, but it's a start.
  • Scott and Bridget will soon be moving into a new home, and another gaming room is in the works.  It's a little more accessible than the reception site, but it's still a drive to Trenton for Bob's game, perhaps a wee bit closer.
  • Sexy leprechauns like it in the caboose.  (There was a  real caboose onsite).
  • My wife has gotten too old to drink like she did when she was young.   (There's a reason I did the whole DD thing last night).
  • Apparently, we're planning a cruise with Wooly and Jenny for February 2016 (or 17, or perhaps the drunk people forgot about it already).
Congrats guys!  (And no, we didn't game... just talked shop).

The Viscount, Don, and Wooly

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