Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Car Wars Arenas Goodness... and a Sale!

While I will vocally poo-poo Steve Jackson Games decision to charge separately for domestic shipping, the remainder of the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter has been going swimmingly.    Not only was the goal reached with twenty days left in the campaign, but SJG has thrown a few bones at the Car Wars fans.

#1 - All Car Wars stuff at Warehouse 23 is 25% off for the rest of April!  Yes, almost everything there is in digital format (save the Car Wars T-Shirt) and they removed the Car Wars Classic boxed set from the web site, but when the pdfs vary between $2.24 and $5.99 and that includes some of the old boxed sets, it's a steal!

#2 - All sales from Car Wars stuff at Warehouse will be added to the total KS pledge for calculating stretch goals.  Promote their e-commerce site and help reach the goals for double sided maps faster?  Very fnord, SJG.  Very fnord

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