Monday, April 6, 2015

Viscount Eric's Day of Gaming II (and Birthday Throwdown)

After surviving a holiday weekend with both sides of the family, and teaching Maja the cutthroat high-stakes world of Uno, I was chilling out peaking at the blog's stats for last month.  While worrying if the three drunk gamers (and the two crazy Ukranians and their pet goat) would stop reading like they did last year, I came to a realization:  There needs to be a second Viscount Eric's Day of Gaming. 

We're not doing the fire hall this year, not that it isn't an affordable solution.   The public venue brought in some cool gamers, but it also allows for the friends and family to show up. That's perfectly acceptable for a 40th birthday bash, but 41 is going to be a bit lower-key.

This year, the celebration will be more akin to a toned down version of the Wargames Weekends run by Tim at Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog.  A select, but expanded retinue of players and the games I want to freakin' play in!  

Running this through any part of my actual birthday weekend is ruled out.  My friend Scott is getting married that Friday, and the two hour drive to Philly for an evening wedding throws out any productivity on Saturday and Sunday needs to be work around the house.
With that in mind, this year's game day will be Sunday, April 26th at my humble abode.  People who hate dogs and kids need not inquire (wife's working, we're stuck with them). 

I have three goals for that day.

A) Car Wars  -  A small version of the Gen Con Food Truck Wars I dreamt of earlier.  Perhaps we'll throw in a heavily armed Jesus bus to keep up with current events.

B) Battletech - Maja (and my) next painting project might be 'mecha.   I finally get to use everything in my Intro set, plus the mechs I picked up from eBay.  And I haven't played since my last birthday.

C) Gnomes - sort of a no brainer. 

Plus any of the smaller games Steve and Nichols tote along to fill in the time in-between.

Coffee and Donuts for breakfast, snacks all day, some form of meal in mid-afternoon and cake/pie/falaffel before the last game breaks.    I might need to expedite the cleaning of the garage on the wife's honey-do list so there's gaming space? 

Interested?  Shoot me a line viscounteric AT gmail DOT com.

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