Friday, April 17, 2015

The Mike Lung Gallery #30 - Suitable for Framing

When I decided to give Mike his own personal gallery, I assumed it was just to show off his minis or new terrain.  I never realized there was a Van Gogh in the gnome mix!
I got this from him many moons ago after he had suffered a system outage at work.  While it looks like a unit of Swiss marching in formation to their deaths, in actually, it's a good representation of Swedish (yes Swedish) gnomes during the later stages of the Thirty Beers War.  The Swiss would still have halberd-dominated units. 
Here's a quick first look (thanks to Mike) of the Swedish Gnomes, specifically the 5th Tomten Rangers.

An NCO with a Halberd, a Scandinavian version of the alphorn, and a lantern for mining?  He might worth a few more points than a Swiss NCO.

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