Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two Free Sci-Fi Scenarios

After I pour through my emails at work in the morning, I take a few seconds to check the blog and my standard run of recreational reading (recently just TMP and Kickstarter).  As of late, if it doesn't say Car Wars on it, I haven't shown much interest, but this morning I barely caught a generic "2 free scenarios" at the bottom of the TMP Blogs of War section.

The Dog's Brush is a relatively new blog that covers Sci-Fi, WW2, and a little bit of Pulp gaming.  The scenarios are clean, with just enough complications to keep thing from immediately devolving into "both sides charge the other."    It did bring back a quick memory of cleaning up the workbench last weekend after the Isandlwana game and staring at the Legions of Steel/Warzone/Squats I have on the table.  The Battlemechs need to be painted first,but I think I can convince the fellas for some sci-fi minis action for our Memorial Day get-together.


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