Monday, April 20, 2015

(Kickstarter) Sisters of Serens on Indiegogo

Longing for the days Mordheim, ahem, I mean "fantasy" warbands to skirmish wargame with.  Does the concept of kickass nuns appeal to you?  Then Warband-Miniatures is right up your alley, with their Sisters of Serens campaign on Indiegogo.

I originally was going to poo-poo this idea for a number of reasons.  First off, the creators are in Spain (international shipping).  Second, it's $75 for a 10 person squad.   Third, it's a pretty obvious rip-off of the Sisters of Sigmar warband.  Heck even the "Moon Stone" marker looks like great Wyrdstone.

Here's why I was wrong to think this:
(1)  The $75 perk level AND EVERY OTHER pledge level includes FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  The ten or twenty bucks for S&H is already built in. 
(2)  The sculpts will be far superior to the GW Sisters line.  The  Matriarch and the Auger for Warband-Miniatures are in very dynamic poses especially when compared to these.

Okay, the GW one is still pretty sweet.
Since I'm screaming the oncoming storm of pre-Disney vacation poverty, I can't jump on this (and I haven't had a big interest in Mordheim in awhile), but with individual figures on eBay are fetching ten bucks and warbands are a hundred, this might be worth a shot.


  1. Hello,

    I'm the responsible of the Sisters of Serens campaign. I just wanted to thank you for this post. I'm glad you like the miniatures.

    Just one couple of things I wanted to mention:

    1. The prices are in euros €

    2. As you say all our perks include free shipping and 75€ perk comes with 10 miniatures AND 2 sprues to be chosen between the available (Objects and Weapons right now).

    Regards and thank you again

  2. Hello again,

    I know we are still far from the founding objective of the campaign. Too bad... But, to encourage those of you that are still thinking whether to participate or not in our campaign... We have decided to UNLOCK FOR FRRRRRREEE the following stretch goals!!!! Weapon Sprue 2, Novice 1b and Sister 1b.

    You can get them in the Indiegogo campaign!!!

    That makes a total of 8 different miniatures and 3 sprues available in the crowdfunding campaign and 7 different miniatures plus two sprues if you choose the 10 Members Warband perk!!!!!