Tuesday, April 14, 2015

(Kickstarter) Car Wars Arenas Extras Continue to Swell

When I first mentioned the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter I mentioned how I appreciated the simple, bare-bones approach to the project, as compared to the crazy-awesome bloat of the Ogre Designer's Edition.

I think I spoke too soon, and although I have some trepidation, it may be a good thing.

I have it on good tin-foil-based authority that Steve Jackson is personally adding a series of bonuses to convince me to upgrade my pledge for just Car Wars Arenas ($20 + 6 S&H) to a $40 or even higher level.  And it's almost working. 

Let's review the civilian (non-retail) options over the Duellist tier:

$40 - Elite Duellist:  two copies of Car Wars Arenas
$40 - Ace:  one copy of Car Wars Arenas and one copy of Car Wars Classic

This is were the getting gets good.  With this pledge level you get the product PLUS
* Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell pdf for free!
* The first four issues of Autoduel Quarterly (vol 1) in pdf for free!  Additional stretch goals have been set up to release further volumes (4 issues each.. it was quarterly you know) in pdf for free.
Both pledges have an additional S&H charge of $10.

The newest pledge level has my attention, and the only thing that has kept me from upgrading instantaneously has been the 10-day road trip to Disney World with the kids the week immediately after the Kickstarter finishes.    That there is beer/grillin' money for our house rental, and a possible admission fees for the Biggest Ball of Wax in North Carolina.

$65 - Pro Duelist: one copy of Car Wars Arenas, one copy of Car Wars Classic, all the stretch goals mentioned above, and one copy of Car Wars: The Freakin' Card Game!  ($10 S&H).   I haven't played Car Wars the Card Game since after my Senior prom, 1992.   Playing another nostalgia card on top of the already existing one.  Well played, Steve.   And remember, all Car Wars products on Warehouse 23 on sale for the rest of April, and those sales are being added to the campaign funds to calculate reaching stretch goals.

I have visions of my wife finishing Christmas shopping for me early this year with this campaign, but unless I celebrate Ultra-Orthodox Coptic Christmas in July, I know it would never arrive on time.  This ain't my first Kickstarter.

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