Monday, November 7, 2016

(Kickstarter) OGRE Miniatures Set 1

As I was driving home from Fall-In! this weekend, I thought to myself, "Self, you didn't get lured into any new game or production at con.  Good job!"

Then I walk into work this morning, and the OGRE Miniatures Kickstarter launches.


After recovering from the OGRE Designer's Edition, Steve Jackson Games further forays into crowdfunding have been far more subtle and simpler.  A $30 pledge nets you with enough 1/285th scale unit to field the scenarios in Classic Ogre. 

  • 1 Command Post
  • 6 GEVs
  • 2 Howitzers
  • 12 Infantry Bases
  • 6 Heavy Tanks
  • 4 Missle Tanks
  • 1 OGRE Mk III
  • 1 OGRE Mk V
Shipping will be charged after the campaign through Backerkit and is estimated to be $12 for US deliveries.

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