Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Savage Pros and Cons of My Short-Term Plans

With two cons on back to back weekends, a crazy work schedule, and the girls starting the next batch of activities on different nights, it's been terrifying trying to get things accomplished.

In order of priority:
  1. Savage Mousling Fantasy:  I have enough figures and terrain to run my two sessions.  Simple character sheets have been designed but I need to remember to grab them from the Kriget Rum to get photocopied.  If I get three or four more mouslings painted, I'll be extremely satisfied.  Still must grab a game cloth for the first session.
  2. TOON - Cthulhu Comes to Springfield 2:  Cleaning up character sheets.  Need to write out and get pictures for "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos," and clean up a few plot points.  The zombie episode will choose from the existing cast of characters I already have written up.  A few more fleshed out plot points needed to be written just to provide some dreaded opportunities based on the players.
  3. Fall-In! 2016:  I just got carte blanche to leave after lunch, so we should be down to scout out the dealer's hall before it closes Friday.  Frostgrave 7pm - Hanging out with the Gnomies and the Znombie game if we get cut down early.  Lots of painting clinics with Daughter #1  and some Solo Dad time while she does Lego Pirates.  After two years, the California Imperial Guard might make their debut at the Saturday 3pm gnome game. 
  4. Fall-In! Shopping List:  This one is slowly driving me mad.  I've got a better budget than last year, but the newer options are pushing out my flea market dollars.  Cheap middle eastern buildings, arabs, and some presidential figs (if available) are on my radar first.
  5. Mepacon Shopping List:  Outside of some more Dunwich Detective Figs, hopefully, it's the normal shopping list with a seven-year girl named Maja.  I might need to buy some Goodman Games product so she gets a new folder and bookmark from them.
  6. Savage Saga of Maja Millie:  We're slowly working towards converting the main wild cards into full-blown Savage Worlds PCs.  Two more scenarios to go before we wrap up "Volume One" of the story. 

       7.  "Other Stuff"  Perhaps hanging with the Gnomies will spark a desire to play more Gnome Wars at home.  Perhaps I can get something moving within the group post-SATLOF.  Hackmaster?  Talislanta/OMNI?  Savage Worlds?  I still have at least one more write-up to finish Masks of Nylarathotep, and Maja knows we must finish parts 3 and 4 of the Blue Martian Escape Storyline before moving on to Mousling Fantasy at home.   Finally, some discussion about gnomes over some Mad Elf *fingers crossed* will jumpstart the series of articles on Gnomish American that have been languishing for a few months.  

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