Monday, November 28, 2016

SATLOF 2016!

When people think of the holidays, some think of shopping, some the festive atmosphere, others a nostalgic winter wonderland of youth.

I think SATLOF.

The idea of the Saturday After Thanksgiving Left Over Feast (SATLOF) was borrowed from one of our college friend's FATLOF back home.  Bring over leftovers, consume alcohol, and have a grand old time. 

For us, it's evolved over the years, to where our friend Nate essentially cooks a Second Thanksgiving dinner for us and we simply bring a small dish or desert.   The rampant alcoholism has evolved with a trashcan punch filled with any booze available in a plastic bottle (classy!) to a case or two of some craft brewed stuff, because dammit, we have to sober up and drive our wives and kids home so we can so family stuff on Sunday.

What a drag it is getting old.

This year was the smallest gathering in recent memory, as all the child-less friends abandoned us for numerous reasons.  Six kids ran amuck as we devoured the spread, and the men slowly went downstairs to play games. 

I had gotten Survive!  Escape from Atlantis as a birthday present from my sister earlier this year, and to ensure future quality gifts, I figured SATLOF was a great place to crack open the game and learn the rules. 

Atlantis begins to fall into the sea.
 PRO:  The rules were ridiculously simple, and even specifically covered the 'exception' situations that came up.  It's fast, everything took just over an hour.

CONS:  It's only for four players, which isn't great for a regular SATLOF, but for the four of us on Saturday, it was perfect.  Also, the whirlpools were beyond devastating.
The last survivors get to safety.
 With such a fast game, we though we could knock out a few other quick beer and pretzel games, but the youngsters had other ideas. 

Steve and I tried to run a game of Zombie Dice game for players with an average age of under 5.  It was a beautiful disaster, since only one player ever stopped before getting three shotgun blasts.  Young Ben won with a whopping one brain!

Zombie Dice
Zombie Dice devolved into a game of basement hide and seek, and pretty soon, it was time to get home so my wife could get to work in the morning. 

For the small, intimate affair that it was, SATLOF was perfect.  One day we'll go back to Drunken Diplomacy and trash can punch, but with a house full of kids, it's a higher priority to keep broken bones and bruises to a minimum.

Or at least save them for Drunken Diplomacy.

On the highest point, I haven't seen my friend Scott since his wedding, and he brought me a present, that he had picked up just after the wedding. 
Christmas is coming, and I have projects to paint!

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